Community Impact Institute

The Fedcap Group launched the Community Impact Institute as the “discovery” and strategic planning arm of the agency—promoting capacity building, technical assistance and practice improvement–with a focus on improving the way that services are designed and distributed.

Housed within the Community Impact Institute is Fedcap’s bi-annual Solution Series where business leaders, educators and policy makers explore complex issues facing employers including increasing minimum wage, hiring immigrants, hiring veterans, and more.

The Community Impact Institute also drives The Fedcap Group’s Leadership Academy including topics such as:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Influential Communication
  • Innovation
  • Willingness to Stretch
  • Creating a Positive Can Do Culture
  • Risk Management
  • Metrics that Matter
  • Encouraging the Heart

The Community Impact Institute is also the driver of The Fedcap Group’s Strategic Planning efforts. The Fedcap Group has adopted a multi-dimensional plan that includes a set of bold, data-driven goals, strategic directions and tactics, allowing for modification as new information becomes available in this rapidly changing, fast paced environment. Our planning process also shifts our focus from the measurement of the our impact only on those who walk through our doors, to our impact on changing national metrics resulting from our system change efforts.

The Community Impact Institute publishes Metrics That Matter —a comprehensive analysis of programmatic, financial and human resource data that explores the impact and corporate health of The Fedcap Group. Our analysis includes comparative national and state metrics—providing program leaders with an in-depth analysis of our efforts as compared to other top tier organizations.

Also housed within the Community Impact Institute is our National Center for Innovation and System Improvement. Through the work of the Center, The Fedcap Group provides technical assistance and training, products and hands on support to state agencies, community-based providers working to change their delivery of services and enhance the community integration of people with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

In 2015, the Community Impact Institute with the support of The Fedcap Group Board of Directors, successfully launched a bi-annual release of Programmatic and Financial information. This effort, is in keeping with our commitment to transparency and to adopting many for profit business principles.