High Quality Early Intervention and Child Development Services

Children with disabilities have the same dreams and aspirations as their typically developing peers. The Fedcap Group is committed to ensuring that their dreams become a reality.

The cornerstone of our efforts is the value we place on aspirational messages. Children believe in what is possible—it comes by them naturally. The Fedcap Group supports their inclination to dream big dreams.

Through the growing number of Easterseals that have joined The Fedcap Group, we offer Early Intervention Services including customized speech, physical, occupational, and play therapies to ensure optimal development. We also emphasize the important preschool skills of socialization, language development, academic readiness and motor development.  Easterseals is a national leader in the delivery of evidence-based services for children on the Autism spectrum.

Students with physical or intellectual disabilities or behavioral disorders, receive high quality special education and support services from experienced, skilled and caring teachers and staff.

Our goal is to prepare each child to dream big dreams, succeed in school and have a full and enriched life.

For more information please contact Don Harreld at 917-885-2779 email: DHarreld@fedcap.org