The Fedcap Group Acquires Kennedy Scott

the fedcap group expands its network to advance economic opportunity internationally with acquisition of kennedy scott in the u.k.

New York, December 13 — The Fedcap Group, a nonprofit that develops innovative, sustainable solutions, creating measurable shifts in the economic outlook for the impoverished and disadvantaged, has acquired the esteemed British social services company Kennedy Scott. This combination marks the next step in building a global network of top-tier, mission-aligned organizations within The Fedcap Group.

During the past ten years The Fedcap Group has combined 14 U.S.-based organizations that collectively serve more than 320,000 people each year. The addition of Kennedy Scott is the first international expansion for The Fedcap Group.

“The leadership and talent within Kennedy Scott will multiply the impact of our combined work, extending the reach of our Workforce Development practice area headed by Senior Vice President of Workforce Development Grant Collins,” said Christine McMahon, president and CEO of The Fedcap Group.

“As the parent company of recognized brands, The Fedcap Group enables organizations to focus on delivering proven services to solve systemic problems. Through shared services and financial transparency, we empower organizations that empower individuals,” said McMahon.

About Kennedy Scott

The mission of Kennedy Scott is to support jobseekers in achieving their potential as they progress in their careers and lives. With 14 locations throughout the United Kingdom, Kennedy Scott has helped tens of thousands of people into meaningful careers. Through a strong team network Kennedy Scott innovates solutions to deliver the best possible service to help every individual reach their aspirations and career goals.

Like other companies of The Fedcap Group, the Kennedy Scott team serves individuals with complex barriers to long term self-sufficiency. They have created strong and customized Employment Recruitment programs designed to meet employers’ needs, partnering with employers throughout the U.K. to help place those they serve in jobs and careers.

About The Fedcap Group

The Fedcap Group is a global network of top-tier nonprofit agencies dedicated to advancing the economic and social well-being of the impoverished and disadvantaged. The Fedcap Group offers a growth platform for agencies to collectively showcase the Power of Possible™, enabling them to focus on delivering proven, evidence-based services and solving significant societal problems. Constantly innovating in the practice areas of Education, Workforce Development, Occupational Health and Economic Development, The Fedcap Group provides solutions that break down barriers to societal inclusion and financial well-being for more than 320,000 people each year.

Companies of The Fedcap Group deliver measurable shifts in academic advancement and economic self-sufficiency for individuals in need, in partnership with business, government, the philanthropic community, academia and local nonprofit agencies. The Fedcap Group transforms lives and helps businesses, insurers, governments and educational institutions meet their critical objectives and Corporate Social Responsibility goals. The Fedcap Group is committed to solving problems through effective programming and continual innovation.

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