The Fedcap Group is a valuable partner to the community and to integrated provider groups, delivering public health education and evidence-based interventions that reduce hospitalization, readmission and increase long-term health and stability.

Communities rely on The Fedcap Group as a partner in public health education.

The Fedcap Group helps individuals obtain the critical treatment they need while at the same time, providing the training and skill building required to be successful in the workplace. We believe that work completes treatment.

ReServe — a company of The Fedcap Group — has played a significant role in assisting NYC Health and Hospitals in providing community education about COVID-19 including test and vaccine locations and public health resources in neighborhoods most affected by COVID-19.

Major Components of Health

Using a state of the art, technology-based process, The Fedcap Group is pioneering ways to connect people with the services and benefits they need.

The Fedcap Group
provides evidence-based peer support to assist individuals in their recovery.

The Fedcap Group provides a team to assist individuals in navigating the complex health care system.

The Fedcap Group partners with communities to provide education and information about health care resources.

The Fedcap Group has the experience and capacity to be a trusted partner in managing the care of vulnerable populations.