Children Age 0-8

How do we break the inter-generational cycle of poverty? If we knew we could set a child on the road to economic well-being from a very early age, wouldn’t we all sign on?

The Fedcap Group is committed to this bold goal.

All young children have dreams of what they will do as adults. Maintaining those aspirations and assuring that children have the opportunity to achieve their dreams takes the commitment of many – not only the parents of the children. Children may be hindered by poverty, disability, living with violence in their families or neighborhoods, unstable housing, poor health and lack of health care, and poor nutrition and food insecurity.

Programs of The Fedcap Group make use of the research on the impact of early childhood development programs on the life experiences of participants through middle age.

Through our comprehensive array of services, we offer early intervention programs to address the needs of very young children with disabilities, developmental delays and who have high risk biological and environmental conditions. We support their families in learning how to address their special needs and incorporate developmentally appropriate activities into their daily lives. We offer preschool programs that meet the highest standards of education for young children- including children with special education needs. We also provide high quality child care for infants, toddlers and preschoolers whose parents are gainfully employed or preparing for employment.

For those children who live in environments that make them vulnerable we also offer specialized services and have developed strong partnerships joining education, health care and child welfare.

We focus on social-emotional learning as we know the importance of this in successful adulthood. We offer skilled therapies to help children overcome developmental and behavioral challenges and we provide opportunities to help children interact well with their peers, to develop empathy and behave compassionately, to resolve conflicts, to build good relationships with others and enjoy good self-esteem.

The Fedcap Group encourages children to reach for their dreams.

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