Executive Leadership

Practice Leaders

“The efforts of the Occupational Health Practice Area of the Fedcap Group serve a unique role in our collective mission. We look for innovative ways to engage individuals of all backgrounds, address their physical, mental health and social barriers to help achieve long-term economic well-being.”

Robin Fisk

Senior Vice President, Occupational Health

Robin Fisk, Esq. is the Senior Vice President for the Occupational Health Practice Area. Robin joined Fedcap after a long career as a health lawyer. …

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“Work stabilizes families and strengthens communities, it completes treatment, and leads the way to greater opportunity. Our goal is to help individuals experience the dignity that only work can provide.”

Grant Collins

Senior Vice President, Workforce Development

Grant E. Collins II, Senior Vice President of Fedcap’s $73 million Workforce Development Practice Area, joined Fedcap in 2013. Prior to joining Fedcap, Grant served …

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“The Fedcap Group’s commitment to providing educational opportunities to individuals with barriers is what drew me to the agency. From early intervention to working with adults who are out of school and out of work, we provide educational opportunities to create a path to economic well-being.”

Dr. Don Harreld

Senior Vice President, Education

Dr. Donald Harreld is the Senior Vice President for the Education Practice Area and Executive Director of Easterseals New York. Don has over 20 years …

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“Everyone deserves at least a place at the starting line in our economy and life. Fedcap helps make sure that disadvantaged individuals get that place, which I find inspiring.”

Elise Balboni

Senior Vice President, Economic Development

Elise Balboni joined The Fedcap Group in 2018 to serve as Senior Vice President for Economic Development. An expert in Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) …

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Corporate Leaders

“The Fedcap Group has a significant commitment to health and well-being of its staff. The recent renovation of the corporate headquarters is a reflection of our investment in our staff. We are dedicated to being known as a premier organization, with tremendous facilities, where people want to work.”

Jay Feiertag

Director of Real Estate and Facilities

Jay Feiertag manages Fedcap’s growing real estate footprint of nearly 900,000 square feet across several states. He directs the design, planning, leasing, construction and maintenance …

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“I’ve been thrilled to be a part of the Fedcap team and I am proud of how the organization positively impacts so many lives. That impact drives me to accomplish something significant each and every day.”

Rich Matist

Director, Information Technology

Rich Matist oversees Fedcap’s technology and infrastructure development. During 10 years with the agency, he has redesigned and extended its technological infrastructure from two locations …

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“We all need a chance to succeed. Every one of us. I am inspired every day to be working at an organization that touches the lives of so many people who need that chance.”

Carol Khoury


Carol Khoury joined Fedcap as Controller in January 2014. As Controller, Ms. Khoury is responsible for all facets of Fedcap’s financial operations and for partnering …

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“The Fedcap Group believes that we can find solutions to significant societal problems. We are committed to improving the world by changing the lives of the most disadvantaged among us. If we raise the boat for some, we raise it for all. “

Kenneth Brezenoff, Esq.

General Counsel & Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Kenneth Brezenoff, Esq. is the General Counsel and Vice President of Strategic Initiatives.  In that capacity he is responsible for overseeing the provision of all …

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“I believe that all of us must keep our dreams alive. Our company is at the forefront in helping those who want to achieve their dreams of self-sufficiency. Our clients only need to bring their hard work and determination, and we work with them hand in hand towards a brighter future.”

Jeannette Davila

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Jeannette Davila joined the Fedcap Group in 2018 to serve as Director for Strategic Partnerships, Mergers & Acquisitions. With leadership roles in corporate, higher education, …

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“One of the special things about working at Fedcap is that everyone’s perspective matters. The most junior people on a team are encouraged to voice their opinions, ask questions, and suggest solutions and everyone is expected to actively contribute to the overall success of the project.”

Lyell Ritchie

Vice President, Business Development

Lyell Ritchie joined Fedcap in August of 2009 as Vice President of Strategic Business Development. Prior to joining Fedcap, Lyell spent almost 30 years in …

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