Executive Leadership

“Serving as the President and CEO of The Fedcap Group is an enormous privilege. I attribute our long-term success to our dedicated board and staff, and the effective integration of strategic business practices and a mission-driven culture.”

Christine McMahon

President and CEO

Christine McMahon is deeply committed to the mission of economic opportunity for those who face barriers to prosperity. Ms. McMahon also has a demonstrated ability ...
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Jim Malatras

“Whether it’s giving an individual their first opportunity or making sure they get that second chance, The Fedcap Group’s family of organizations have been breaking down barriers to economic well-being for decades. It’s a privilege to be part of Fedcap’s mission-driven work.”

Jim Malatras

Chief Strategy Officer and Senior Vice President of Education

As Chief Strategy Officer, Dr. Malatras drives research, policy and strategic planning for The Fedcap Group. As Sr. VP of Education, he is responsible for ...
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“We all need a chance to succeed. Every one of us. I am inspired every day to be working at an organization that touches the lives of so many people who need that chance.”

Carol Khoury

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Khoury is the senior financial executive; she is a critical, strategic leader who effectuates change throughout the entire organization. She is responsible for guiding ...
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“ Leveraging information technology is critical to the future of The Fedcap Group. We are making smart investments to ensure our sustainability, relevance and our impact well into the future.”

Tammy Mickelson

Chief Information Officer

Tammy Mickelson joined Fedcap in January 2013, managing the financial operations of Fedcap’s New England programs. Ms. Mickelson soon took on the project management for ...
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Key Leaders

“Work stabilizes families and strengthens communities, it completes treatment, and leads the way to greater opportunity. Our goal is to help individuals experience the dignity that only work can provide.”

Grant Collins

Senior Vice President, Workforce Development

Mr. Collins is the president of several non-profits within the Fedcap Group. He leads the group’s efforts on Workforce Development through a variety of employment ...
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“The Fedcap Group believes that we can find solutions to significant societal problems. We are committed to improving the world by changing the lives of the most disadvantaged among us. If we raise the boat for some, we raise it for all.”

Kenneth Brezenoff, Esq.

General Counsel & Managing Director

Kenneth Brezenoff, Esq. is the General Counsel and Managing Director for The Fedcap Group. In that capacity he is responsible for overseeing the provision of ...
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“I am proud to be part of an organization that is resilient and committed to helping people out of poverty through good jobs.”

Steve Coons

President, Fedcap Rehabilitation

Steve Coons leads the largest company of The Fedcap Group, Fedcap Rehabilitation, generating over $100MM in annual revenue. Steve oversees the work of  600+ employees ...
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“Fedcap UK leverages all of the experience and innovation of The Fedcap Group, offering top tier services to meet the needs of UK citizens, in partnership with UK government.”

Brian Bell

Chief Executive Officer, Fedcap UK

Brian Bell is the Chief Executive Officer for Fedcap UK, with responsibility for leading and growing our successful Fedcap Employment and Fedcap Scotland businesses. Brian ...
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“Mary A. Moran, PhD, is the Director of Child Wellness for The Fedcap Group and oversees the implementation of research-based interventions for young children and their families across a diverse array of companies and programs.”

Dr. Mary A. Moran

Director of Child Wellness, Executive Director Easterseals New York and Easterseals RI

Mary A. Moran, PhD, is the Director of Child Wellness for The Fedcap Group and oversees the implementation of research-based interventions for young children and ...
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At the Fedcap Group, we believe individuals can be leaders in any position they hold. Meet our colleagues across The Fedcap Group who were nominated by their executive directors for going “over and above.”