“Serving as the President and CEO of The Fedcap Group is an enormous privilege. I attribute our long-term success to our dedicated board and staff, and the effective integration of strategic business practices and a mission-driven culture.”

Christine McMahon

President and CEO

Christine McMahon is deeply committed to the mission of economic opportunity for those who face barriers to prosperity. Ms. McMahon also has a demonstrated ability to guide large, complex organizations through rapidly changing business environments. She is an effective strategist, has deep experience with finance and operations and is driven to form successful, innovative alliances across a broad spectrum of organizations and stakeholders.

Ms. McMahon joined Fedcap in 2009 as President and CEO and has led the organization’s extraordinary growth from a single-service New York City-based nonprofit to an organization with a vast program array and an international footprint. Ms. McMahon is nationally recognized for building influential relationships with state and local policymakers and government leaders and for her expertise across a wide range of human services and healthcare programming.

Ms. McMahon previously served as Senior Vice President and COO of Easterseals New Hampshire, driving over 300% growth in programs and services during her tenure.

She received her Master of Health Administration from the University of New Hampshire and her BA in Psychology from New England College. Ms. McMahon has published numerous white papers including The New Risk Paradigm for Nonprofits and authors a weekly blog with over 10,000 followers.

Ms. McMahon’s numerous honors include her selection to serve on the National Advisory Committee on Increasing Competitive Integrated Employment for Individuals with Disabilities, being named by the New Hampshire Business Review as the Outstanding Woman in Business, and receipt of the National Easterseals – Lou Lowenkron Award for Program Innovation.

Areas of Expertise

• Strategic Planning

• System Change

• Organizational Development

• Mergers and Acquisitions

• Structure Building

• Engaging Business In The Employment of People With Barriers

• Special Education

• Risk Management

• Short and Long Term Planning

• Understand and Embrace New Technology

• Spot High Level Talent

Contact Information

Christine McMahon
President and CEO, The Fedcap Group