Youth in Transition

By inspiring youth to achieve greatness, preparing them to succeed, and opening a path to college, they will become confident and self-sufficient adults.

Imagine if all young people transitioning from foster care had…

A network of caring adults who mentored and helped pave the way for a successful transition to adulthood?

Regular encouragement that builds confidence and imprints the possibility of college into their psyche at a young age?

A “game plan” to prepares and position them for college with the same rigor as our own children?

Exposure to people, travel and opportunities that inspire them to dream BIG and achieve despite the daily challenges of living in care?

A college program that recognizes their unique academic, social, emotional and financial needs and addresses them in a way that leads to successful completion?

Internships and meaningful work experiences that create the link between aspirations and how to make them reality?  

All of us in Child Welfare, including Judges, need to realize that if education is important and valued for our children at home, it is more important for our children in care...If we expect them to be productive members of society, we need to partner together and share responsibility for giving them the right tools to do so.

The Fedcap Group has the solution!

We connect youth in foster care to knowledgeable success mentors

As parents, we know that regardless of the struggles our children have, good times and bad—we will be there. Our children know that too. A sense of security comes from knowing that there is someone in your corner to “clean up the messes” and help you navigate the unfamiliar, uncomfortable and/or difficult situations life brings.

Youth leaving foster care deserve this same security, guidance and positioning to be successful. We work with our community partners to find Mentors and a network of Coaches for youth in care. Our mentors support young people in their decision making and life choices; helping them to dream big and develop the skills to achieve.

We Inspire a Pathway to College

Young people who have been abused, neglected or abandoned start out life with an uphill road ahead of them. They have to struggle to achieve things that come naturally to children living in homes that are safe and loving. They have to work harder to succeed belong… because they are often alone without a supportive family. They have to live in fear of being homeless…because they often have no place to call home.

On any given day there are 26,000 youth transitioning from care. Most have been living in foster care for well over 4 years. When adolescents live in foster care for any length of time—it impacts their lives–forever. They have a hard time finding a job, they rarely go to college, many end up homeless, pregnant and stuck in the cycle of poverty.

But youth in foster care indicate that they want to go to college. 70% of teens who leave foster care report that they want to attend college, but only 42% of them complete high school, fewer than 30% enroll in college, and of those, less than 5% graduate from college.

The Fedcap Group assists foster parents in creating a college going culture in care through our PrepNOW! program.

We leverage in-school and community academic supports to ensure youth successful complete high school. Successful completion of high school or obtaining a GED is a foundational step to college.

We are changing the outcomes helping youth enter college, persist and gradate at rates equal to their non foster care peers.

We Help Young People Become Ready to Compete in the Marketplace

We help youth develop the “soft skills” required to be successful in the educational environment. Our signature skill development program is entitled Get Ready!™ 

Help youth find internships and meaningful employment experiences through our extensive network of youth-friendly business partners. Youth will have opportunities  to explore careers through our signature Connect2Careers™ events held four times annually. During these events the concepts of “speed dating” is employed.

Through support of board members and friends of The Fedcap Group youth are exposed to over 50+ career options. They learn interviewing and self-marketing in a supported but real world environment, and they develop networks of contacts.