Workforce Development

The Fedcap Group works at the intersection of economic and workforce development to drive job creation and growth.

The Fedcap Group has designed a comprehensive solution to the development of a skilled workforce, a win-win for businesses and employees alike. With an understanding of economic and labor market trends, we are ahead of the curve in providing trained, “ready to work” talent.

We also assist companies with tax credits associated with their hiring strategies and may be able to temporarily subsidize wages with third-party funding sources.

The Fedcap Group partners with over 10,000 businesses throughout its international footprint including the US, Canada, England and Scotland, meeting critical staffing needs for employers while assisting thousands of individuals with barriers to economic well-being forever change the course of their lives.

The following tenets drive our workforce development and system change efforts:

Major Components of Workforce Development

The Fedcap Group works with companies to determine their specific hiring needs, and then provides tailored training.
Using a state of the art, technology-based process, The Fedcap Group is pioneering ways to connect people with the services and benefits they need.
The Fedcap Group uses a series of short individual vocational assessments and evaluations that determine an individual’s interests and aptitudes, academic levels, learning styles, writing skills and other competencies.

Businesses need workers who are ready to work. The Fedcap Group has designed a comprehensive training package entitled “The Power of Possible Training Academy” that ensures employees are ready on day one.

Short Term skills training that results in modular and stackable credentials for careers in high growth sectors.

The Fedcap Group places 15,000 people annually in jobs with career ladders.
The Fedcap Group offers a full range of services to assist individuals in succeeding in their jobs and advancing in their careers.