Retention and Career Pathway Support

Starting a new job is the first step. Building a career is the pathway to long term self-sufficiency.

The Fedcap Group offers a full range of services to support individuals as they move into full or part-time employment. With the knowledge of the individual’s strengths and challenges, staff assist the person with support, intervention and additional training.

Having a committed team behind them means that workers have the best opportunity to succeed in their jobs and create long-time careers.

Our effective tools assist those we work with to remain employed and build a career.

Replacement and Job Advancement Services

Participants have ongoing contact with staff to review their job status. Work Readiness Instructors provide a full range of services that meet the individuals job advancement needs supporting long term retention.

Retention Workshops

Dedicated Retention Staff identify and coordinate retention workshops. Topics include applying for a promotion, conflict resolution, working effectively in a team, tapping into strengths and assets and exploring additional career opportunities. In addition workshops are offered that address annual tax preparation and tax credits, financial literacy, how to save regularly, investments, etc.

Job Clubs

These offer participants the opportunity to discuss with their peers experiences in the employment setting, struggles and successes. Group facilitation allows for shared problem solving.