Serving Veterans and Their Families

Although serving in the military can lead to employment, for many veterans their time out of the work market due to their service and lingering after effects can present a barrier to employment.

The Fedcap Group recognizes that one of the most critical periods for military service members is reintegration from active service to veteran status. As veterans return home, they find a “sea of goodwill” according to a former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The challenge is that this “sea” can become overwhelming to navigate. The crisis facing the nation in meeting the physical and mental health needs of the Armed Forces having served in Iraq and Afghanistan is overwhelming and continues to grow. Thousands of military service members are returning home with hopes of successfully transitioning to civilian life. Many communities are not equipped to respond appropriately to their unique needs, nor are they aware of how to best work with military and Veterans systems. Our veterans have an array of family support, clinical, and housing needs and often face difficulties in finding meaningful employment that values their military experience.

Some of the barriers they face in accessing needed services and supports include:

Statistics bear this out.

At The Fedcap Group we believe our veterans and military families can succeed where they live. Staff and volunteers engage organizations and communities so veterans and military families can connect with what they need for meaningful employment, education, housing and overall wellness where they live. 

The Fedcap Group does not tackle these challenges alone. We bring together high quality community based organizations spanning the country –people, resources and expertise– to innovate, transform and expand services. We work to strengthen and expand community-based connections to harness local support and services for veterans and their families.

We act as a recognized and visible network and voice for military and veterans services as we create opportunities while advocating on behalf of our veterans and their families.

Our national credibility and community-based outreach – spans more than 700 communities across all 50 States – providing an unmatched resource and support network for over one million veterans and military families.

All veterans—especially those unemployed, homeless and dealing with war related trauma—deserve to have an opportunity to build a better life for themselves and their families.

For more information visit Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services.