Work Readiness

Ensuring A New Employee is Ready to Succeed on Day One

The Fedcap Group understands that business need workers who are ready to work when they arrive at a new job. After spending years working in close partnership with business, we have come to understand their staffing needs and their struggles with many applications. As such we designed and developed two critical interventions to ensure that people we serve are “job ready” on day one:
Power of Possible Training Academy™ and Circle of Support™.

The Power of Possible Training Academy™

The Power of Possible Training Academy™ is a dynamic, 60-hour program that ensures applicants have the soft skills to be effective on the job including time management, working effectively with teams, accepting feedback, prioritization, and much more. The training teaches “to the head, the hand, and the heart” to significantly improve the job-seeker’s understanding, performance, and attitudes.

Circle of Support™

Additionally, we have learned that many of the people we serve have needs that have in the past, impacted their ability to find and maintain employment. The Fedcap Group has designed a very special model called the Circle of Support™ that we create within every community served. By intentionally engaging and structuring our relationship with community-based health and behavioral professionals, housing advisors, recovery specialists, childcare providers and an array of other resources. we ensure that when a referral to a community provider is made, the provider responds within a reasonable timeframe, the services are at a level of excellence we expect, and that the communication is such that the integration of efforts results in optimal employment and retention outcomes.