Work Readiness

A prepared employee is a valuable employee.

Organizations need workers who are ready to work when they arrive. The Fedcap Group has designed a comprehensive package of services that assists employees in different stages of employment readiness.  Our Work Readiness Training is a tailor-made program to make individuals “job ready”.

After listening to what employers say they need, we offer well-designed workshops to meet these needs. Upon completing 60 hours of dynamic instruction and time management activities, a worker arrives equipped to become immediately effective in the critical areas the employer requires.

We teach “to the head, the hand, and the heart” to improve significantly the job-seeker’s understanding, performance, and attitudes. Our instruction takes the fear out of interviews and working with people in authority.

In addition,  The Fedcap Group offers a comprehensive array of services to help prepare workers to become successful employees. These include:

Get Ready!

This unique program assists youth and young adults to become successful in employment. It focuses on building skills critical to enable employees to be effective in a variety of work environments.

Employer Based Training

Beginning with what employers need in terms of skills and worker characteristics, The Fedcap Group forms a partnership with employers to train workers to meet specific skill sets Using a detailed curriculum, we recruit potential workers and provide them with training, education and other supports.

Career Design School

The school helps students identify their career goals and then follows this awareness with an action plan to design and launch them on sustainable careers. As employees enjoy continuous improvement on the job, employers benefit though having a pipeline of stable workers.

The Fedcap Academy

The Fedcap Academy is an innovative, web-based learning forum and curriculum containing over 3,000 online course modules to address personal development interests and vocational and educational needs. The platform, available 24/7, allows for customized learning that is hard to achieve in a standard classroom environment. Users can build their skills in 12 industry-driven career pathways in Business, Construction/Maintenance, Finance, Healthcare, Hospitality and Tourism, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Marketing/Sales, Human Services and Transportation/Logistics.