Employer Based Training

A Win-Win for Business and Employees

The Fedcap Group works with a diverse set of companies to determine their specific hiring needs.

Then, conducting targeted recruitment and tailored training, The Fedcap Group supplies a pipeline of skilled and uniquely trained employees that match an employer’s specific needs. The results are productive workers that “hit the ground running” for the company, and a path toward long-term economic self-sufficiency for employees.

NOTE: In 2014 The Fedcap Group held a Solution Series focused on the intersection of Workforce and Economic Development. This in-depth discussion focused on the important role that Employer Based Training can play in the overall competitiveness of business while creating living wage jobs for people with barriers to economic wellbeing. 

According to the National Skills Coalition, employer based or sector-based strategies are among the few workforce interventions that statistically demonstrates improved employment opportunities and wages for individuals and increased competitiveness of business.