“Fedcap UK leverages all of the experience and innovation of The Fedcap Group, offering top tier services to meet the needs of UK citizens, in partnership with UK government.”

Brian Bell

Chief Executive Officer, Fedcap UK

Brian Bell is the Chief Executive Officer for Fedcap UK, with responsibility for leading and growing our successful Fedcap Employment and Fedcap Scotland businesses. Brian has spent 35 years working within the Employability sector; 18 years with the Department for Work and Pensions in the UK, and the rest on the side of providers, private companies and as a volunteer.

Brian has translated his passion for helping people to be the best they can be to both the workplace he has had responsibility for building and running, and through the services he helped design that have supported over half a million people into work. His career achievements include building lasting and trusted partnerships with like-minded organisations outside of the UK; working with governments in the Middle East to design successful services for unemployed and disabled people to find work; becoming Chair of the UK employability industry body-ERSA; representing the UK industry to a wide range of Ministers from a variety of countries; and speaking publicly in many countries about labour market risks and fixes including at the United Nations in Geneva. Brian’s philosophy for moving forward and making progress is to look for the people who have the skills you wish you had.