Thank You to the Sponsors of the Power of Possible Virtual Gala:
Impact Amplified!

Consider the courage it takes to change one’s life.  Consider the dedication it takes to be there day in and day out, to support that change.

Through the work of The Fedcap Group, Veterans, children and adults with disabilities, people in recovery, young people involved in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems, the previously incarcerated, the unemployed and older workers are taking life-changing action.

None of what we do is possible without all of you—our 118 board members, our 4,000+ staff, our 3,500 donors, our 300 funders and our 10,000 business partners.

Thank you for placing your trust in us. We work hard every day to earn it.

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Stand by Me Sponsors

Impact Sponsors

Mark O'Donoghue

Board Chair, The Fedcap Group

David Landau

Board Member, The Fedcap Group

Michael Weinstein

Board Member, Fedcap Inc.

Mark Cooper

Board Member, The Fedcap Group

Amplification Sponsors

Kenneth Raisler

Board Chairman, Fedcap Inc.

Peter Samuels

Board Member, The Fedcap Group

Larry Ach

Board Co-Chair, Fedcap Rehabilitation

Lynn Morgen

Treasurer, The Fedcap Group

Magnification Sponsors

Martha Sproule

Treasurer, Fedcap Inc.

Inspiration Sponsors

Peter Panken

Board Member, The Fedcap Group