Fedcap Inc. Partners with AACCNJ to Pilot ‘The Village Program’

TRENTON, NJ – The African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey (AACCNJ) in partnership with The Children’s Home Society of New Jersey, Junior Achievement of New Jersey and Fedcap, Inc. will pilot The Village Program over an eight-week period beginning May 24, 2021 to help address the financial disparities that black and brown families living in low-income communities face. Many are headed by parents who lack a high school diploma or GED, eliminating their ability to secure a single job that pays a living wage. Parents are too often forced to hold multiple jobs, requiring them to spend many hours at work, away from their children. These circumstances prevent them from helping their children with homework and supporting their academic success. The cycle of poverty then persists into the next generation with poor education and low-wage jobs. Economic well-being and financial literacy remains out of reach.

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