Amplification: “the action of enlarging upon or adding more…”

Over the course of the past several years, The Fedcap Group has been focused on the concept of Amplification: adding value to our existing work by doing things or serving individuals not required within our contracts and, as such, amplifying our impact. It is based on our commitment to doing things that fundamentally change the long-term economic well-being of our target populations.

I have asked our company leaders to identify what they are doing in their company, which are beyond the minimum standards—that amplifies results. The 1+1 = 4 kind of value-add to a contract that can be achieved if we think creatively. While we want to meet every standard as laid out in contracts or meet industry requirements, we want to do more.

THIS is the reason that we get up in the morning.

Examples of amplification might be:

• creating a matched savings account program for individuals who are newly employed to incentivize savings

• providing services to the children of the adults we are serving

• offering parenting classes when this is not required in the contract

• conforming all early childhood programs to an integrated environment

• preparing individuals in day habilitation environments find community-based employment

• offering a service that we believe is critical, one that has evidence behind it, that will help (in the short and long term) move groups of people to long-term economic well-being that is not required by the contract

This effort says to the individuals we serve 1) that we do more than what is required of us and 2) you and your family matter.

The potential for amplification impact is significant. Currently, at any given point in time, we serve nearly 300,000 children, youth and adults in our 20 companies across The Fedcap Group. If we consider amplifying our efforts JUST by providing 1-2 services to the children ages 0-8 of adults in our many programs—we have the potential to amplify our impact to over 60,000 children.

Amplification is still evolving at The Fedcap Group—and will continue to over the next many years. We are working to identify discrete, evidence-based or promising practices that we might offer as part of our amplification endeavors.