Apex Instructor Shannon Wright: Teaching Chose Me

Apex Technical School Construction & Building Skills Trade Instructor Shannon Wright Finds Success in Conveying Knowledge and Skills to the Next Generation

Shannon Wright didn’t envision herself as a teacher.

“The teaching career chose me,” she says.

Shannon joined Apex Technical School in 2022 following several years as an instructor at another trade school. Her experience included 11 years as a field electrician in New York City, where she began as an apprentice and worked her way up to journeyperson.

Although Shannon worked for the city’s Department of Education and considered becoming a guidance counselor earlier in her career, it wasn’t until a recruiter reached out to her online that she began to seriously consider becoming an educator.

As in field work, Shannon learned the craft of instruction by doing. She finds great joy in seeing her students learn and begin applying their skills – both in everyday situations as well as starting sustainable careers.

Find out more about Shannon’s career journey and career opportunities for experienced tradespeople at Apex Technical School on the Apex website.