Beyond Motivation: Inspiration as a Deliberate Practice

Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them, they hire already motivated people and inspire them.               –Simon Sinek

There is no question that the individuals who work in the companies of The Fedcap Group are motivated. Embedded in their desire to work is a drive to serve the mission by creating opportunities for those we serve to achieve their dreams.

The challenge for those of us who are leaders is to inspire our motivated workforce to greatness. 

I believe that inspiration is contagious.  When people hear the authentic conviction of their leaders—they trust it and want to emulate it.  For me, inspiration comes from a number of sources. I consider plumbing these sources an intentional practice, a deliberate part of every day. In turn, I consider the practice of inspiring others as a critical aspect of my job.

I am inspired by reading, by learning.  I am inspired by the experiences of others.  I am inspired by intellectually stimulating conversations.  I am inspired by stories of grit and determination.  I am inspired when I see someone accomplish something they never thought possible.

When inspired, I look for ways to channel this sense of possibility.  I challenge staff to think bigger.  I invite them to stretch their skill set, their knowledge, and their practices.

Each year I spend time with our Leadership Academy Class in order to inspire them to develop a bold vision for their careers.

We established Wednesday Morning Buzz as a forum to share with every staff member in the agency, articles that I find interesting and inspirational.

We launched Fed Talks as a way to inspire staff to step out of their comfort zones and see risk as an avenue for learning and innovation.

We established a virtual Innovation Garage as a platform for inspirational thinking.

We developed monthly Brown Bag Lunches to share inspirational approaches to our day to day work.

Inspiration is how people stay motivated and strive to realize their best work, build their skills, and innovate new solutions for tough problems.

What inspires you? How do you ensure that you stay inspired? How do you inspire your staff—even those you may not see every day?

As always, I welcome your thoughts.