Thanking Our Sponsors

Thank You to our Sponsors!
The Power of Possible Gala

The Fedcap Group is honored to receive major support from these individuals and businesses. In a year of unprecedented challenges, their sponsorship is especially appreciated.


Mark O'Donoghue

Mark O’Donoghue is a retired partner of Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle, a New York-based international law firm. His legal practice included the representation of clients in civil and criminal litigation, project finance and energy infrastructure projects, and international arbitration of investor-State disputes. Mark serves as Chairman of New York Senator Charles E. Schumer’s Judicial Screening Panel and Chairman of The Fedcap Group.

Mutual of America Financial Group has specialized in providing pension and retirement-related products, programs and services since 1945. The company also offers such products as variable universal life insurance, and group life and disability insurance.

Ocean Janitorial Supply is one of the leading distributors of janitorial supplies and equipment in the industry.

S. Katzman Produce supplies a full range of fruits and vegetables to customers in the Northeast United States. S. Katzman is recognized as one of the leading wholesaler/distributors of quality produce in the Hunts Point Terminal Market.

David Landau is the Managing Partner and a Co-Founder of LNK Partners, a consumer-focused private equity firm in New York. Mr. Landau has been in private equity for 29 years. He is a member of the Board of The Fedcap Group.

Anthem is a health insurance and life insurance services company.


Kenneth Raisler is head of Sullivan & Cromwell’s Commodities, Futures and Derivatives Group. Mr. Raisler was an assistant U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia from 1977 to 1982 in the Criminal and Civil Divisions. He serves as Chair of Fedcap Inc., part of The Fedcap Group.

Peter Samuels is a Partner in the Corporate Department of Proskauer and has served as co-head of the firm’s Mergers & Acquisitions Group. He serves on the Board of The Fedcap Group.

USI Insurance Services has served over 150,000 clients meeting their property & casualty, employee benefit, personal risk and retirement needs nationwide.

Cleaning Systems is a national wholesaler of professional cleaning and janitorial supplies providing more than 45,000 brand-leading products that ship throughout the worldwide community.

ABFS Facility Service Solutions is is a leading provider of facility service solutions including comprehensive building maintenance, engineering, project management, facility support services, and energy management.

Alpha Business Solutions is a fully-certified NMSDC MBE supplier that provides a spectrum of managed Employer of Record services, helping our clients save time and money while reducing risk.

Cross Management Corp. is a New York City-based construction management services firm.

Laurence Ach is a Senior Vice President with Klingenstein, Fields & Co., with more than 30 years of investment management experience. He is Co-Chair of the Board of Fedcap Rehabilitation.


Lynn Morgen is a founding partner of Advisiry Partners and specializes in advising c-suite executives and board members on corporate positioning and strategic and investor-related communications. Ms. Morgen serves as Treasurer of The Fedcap Group.

Sterling Sanitary Supply Company, based in Queens, New York, is a respected pioneer in the environmentally friendly, green cleaning industry. The company is dedicated to further developing environmentally responsible solutions which do not sacrifice performance.

Imprint Marketing Concepts is a branded merchandise and corporate apparel company based in Ramsey, NJ. IMC offers a full range of corporate apparel, custom giveaways and graphic design services.

Irwin Siegel Agency Inc. is the premiere provider of comprehensive insurance programs for human and social service organizations.

Huron is a management consulting firm offering services to the healthcare, life sciences, commercial, and higher education industries.

Martha Sproule had a 35-year career in the investment business, with a primary focus on cross-border mergers and acquisitions. She was a managing director at Rothschild, Inc., and a member of the investment committee of a fund investing in distressed securities, positions she left in 2000 to pursue various projects in the non-profit sector. Ms. Sproule serves as Treasurer of Fedcap Inc.

Grant Thornton is one of the world’s leading organizations of independent audit, tax and advisory firms.

2018 Celebration of the Power of Possible Gala

2018 Celebration of the Power of Possible Gala

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“Your aspirations are your possibilities.” — Samuel Johnson

There is no greater gift than to serve—to make a difference in the lives of people in need. Thanks to the support of our Celebration of the Power of Possible Gala from our communtiy of stakeholders, many more young people and adults are on the path to economic and social wellbeing.

The theme of this year’s Gala was Innovation to Impact—a recognition of the energy and commitment that drive The Fedcap Group every day to deliver proven services, solve systemic problems and demonstrate the Power of Possible. A spirit of community and common cause permeated the event on Monday, November 26th at Cipriani in Manhattan, as colleagues and friends from across our agencies gathered to celebrate a year of impact and innovation. The Gala marked the launch of The Fedcap Group, a significant milestone in our collective history. Our growing international footprint of agencies now impacts the lives of more than 300,000 people annually, delivering measurable shifts in economic self-sufficiency for individuals in need. We are stronger together and united in our mission-driven purpose.

The evening was rich in highlights. Our beloved colleague Peter Panken received The Leo Mayer Award for Distinguished Service. Peter retired this year from the practice of law, and we are thrilled that he plans to continue his longstanding service to Fedcap. Longtime partner and supporter Mutual of America was presented with our Outstanding Corporate Services Partner Award. A special moment of recognition honored Tom Moran, former president, chairman and CEO of MOA who passed away in August. Tom was a great philanthropist and longtime champion of The Fedcap Group. He will be greatly missed.

We honored remarkable individuals whose resilience and courage allowed them to overcome significant barriers and put themselves on the path to realizing their full potential. We heard from board members and leaders from across The Fedcap Group and distinguished guests including John Greed, president and CEO of Mutual America. Thank you for supporting the Power of Possible. These powerful words serve as the foundation for what we do every single day across The Fedcap Group.

When you believe that achieving a dream is possible, and when you are inspired by those around you to aim high, dreams become reality.

2017 Celebration of the Power of Possible

2017 Celebration of the Power of Possible

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On November 27th, the Fedcap family of agencies hosted its inaugural Possible of Possible Gala. Guided by the belief that we are better together, Fedcap, Single Stop USA, Easterseals, Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services, ReServe and Wildcat honored distinguished supporters, and the individuals and families we are privileged to serve. Over 400 people attended the evening event at Gotham Hall in Manhattan.

Fedcap President and CEO Christine McMahon talked about the meaning of the Power of Possible. “These powerful words serve as the foundation for what we do every single day across our growing family of agencies. When you believe that achieving a dream is possible., and when you are inspired by those around you to aim high, dreams become reality.”

In introductory remarks, Fedcap Board Chair Mark O’Donoghue spoke about the transformation and growth of the Fedcap family of agencies, and the opportunity to impact more lives. Asking the audience to consider what the Power of Possible can accomplish, Mark introduced a Year in Review video that powerfully highlighted the agencies’ collective work in 2017. Michael Friedman, Chair of the Easterseals New York Board of Directors, offered greetings from the Easterseals community, saying Easterseals “is one of the most powerful voices in the country advocating for a world where people with disabilities have equal access to opportunities.”

Michael Weinstein, Chairman of the ReServe and Single Stop USA Boards of Directors, introduced a testimonial video to three esteemed members of the Fedcap community who passed away this year; Jack Rosenthal, ReServe co-founder and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist; Marty Silberberg, who served as Fedcap’s fifth board chair and was the first recipient of the Leo Mayer Award for Distinguished Service, and Bob Fawls, a member and past chair of the CWS Board of Director. “Marty was one of Fedcap’s most revered Board members, who always asked the hard questions. Jack Rosenthal was the ultimate optimist who believed in the ideals of equality and justice. Bob Fawls was one of the driving forces—really a life force– behind the continued growth of CWS in Boston.”

Col. David Sutherland, Chairman, Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services, was introduced by Fedcap board member Larry Ach, who described him as a “man that embodies the values of the army: honor, loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, integrity and personal courage.” Col. Sutherland presented Frank Gaudio, Veterans Chairman, PwC Charitable Foundation Trustee and Leader of their Veterans Program Initiative, with the Dixon Center’s Eugene & Ruth Freedman Leadership Award.

Peter Samuels, Chair of Wildcat and member of Fedcap’s Board of Directors, introduced United States District Judge Deborah Batts, who was honored for her work and recognized the work of Fedcap and Wildcat. “I have seen the profound result of your work. What you do gives people second chances, you help them create a life with options and thus change lives for generations.”

Leslie Fields, a remarkable woman who overcame abuse, addiction and incarceration, shared her powerful story of perseverance and hope. “I didn’t give up. Believe in yourself, and never accept defeat.”

Fedcap board member Ken Raisler introduced Madison Pellegrino, a nine-year-old child who was inspired to start a business to raise funds for Easterseals, which did so much to help her little sister with Down’s Syndrome. “The most important thing I’ve learned is that just one small act of kindness can open a door to endless possibilities, and inspire other people to do the same,” Madison said.

In closing remarks, Fedcap board member Malvina Kay quoted the words of Winston Churchill – words that aptly describe what drives the work of the Fedcap family of agencies: “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

Fedcap 2016 Celebration of Work Gala

Fedcap 2016 Celebration of Work Gala

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The love of my children is why I am standing here tonight, and not on the street or dead.” Niki Semnack

Fedcap’s Annual Celebration of Work Gala was one of the most powerful events in our agency’s long history. The theme of the Gala, held on November 28 at Gotham Hall in Manhattan, was the Power of Stories – stories about perseverance and triumph in the face of gut wrenching hardship. Over 500 people – friends, partners and supporters of Fedcap, as well as board, staff and leadership from the Fedcap family of agencies – heard three remarkable individuals share their stories of overcoming not only survive, but to thrive and flourish.

“In this place things hide, treasures I don’t even know I own, strength that I carry around all day…this is the place from which I pull out these three words: I promise you.” Miriam Adler

Miriam Adler shared her extraordinary story about survival in Auschwitz after losing her entire family to Nazi terror. As a young girl she found herself hopeless and alone, with only a promise she had made to her father the last time she saw him alive – never to take her own life. Miriam kept that promise and rebuilt her life after the war. Over the years Miriam told her story to her granddaughter, Yael Mermelstein, who recorded it in her remarkable book I Promise You, a copy of which was given to all Gala attendees.

“I just wanted to fit in…then I got locked up…then I got locked in.” Steve Hickman

Steve Hickman served 19 years in prison for selling drugs. Bolstered by the love and support of his family, he persevered. Steve believed in himself – he would not let his life be defined by one terrible mistake, and knew that if given another chance, he would never go back to prison. He was given that chance when Fedcap hired him to manage Wildcat work crews. Now a proud homeowner who is saving to send his grandchildren to college, Steve recently began a new job with NYC Department of Homeless Services.

Niki Semnack had a hard time growing up in Boston. As a child she was physically and sexually abused. At the age of 16 she became pregnant, and lost custody of her child. Racked with pain Niki began a downward spiral that would last 15 years. She became an alcoholic and a drug addict, living on the streets and willing to ingest any substance to numb the pain. Today Niki is strong, sober and gainfully employed, a proud mother and mentor, and an inspiring figure to all who know her.

The overflow crowd rose to their feet to applaud each storyteller. Many were moved to tears.

In addition to many longtime business and government partners, fourteen companies that were new to the Fedcap family of agencies attended the Gala which included nearly 100 new friends.

Board members Mark O’Donoghue, Larry Ach, Peter Samuels, Ken Raisler and Anoop Dhakad delivered powerful remarks about the power of stories, and Fedcap CEO Christine McMahon described the hope and belief in what is possible that underpins the work of Fedcap. Lorrie Lutz, Chief Strategy Officer, described our launch of The Power of Possible Stories, requesting that attendees sponsor the thousands of Fedcap stories of perseverance— and attendees responded with over $27,000 in sponsorships. An amazing feat for our newly launched initiative.

Powerful stories of tragedy and redemption have deep resonance for the entire Fedcap community. They fuel us, inspire us, lift us up and they connect us to one another in a way that nothing else quite does. They demonstrate the impact of our work. Fedcap is grateful for the generosity and sponsorship of our supporters, and humbled by the courage of the individuals who it is our privilege to serve.