Celebrating The Fedcap Group’s Power of Possible Gala: Innovation to Impact

This evening, nearly 600 people will come together to celebrate a year of tremendous growth,
innovation, and impact for The Fedcap Group. Our annual gala is an evening where the extraordinary
efforts of our stakeholders—our boards, donors, business partners, leaders, staff, and those we
serve—are highlighted and heralded. It is an evening when we will experience first-hand what it looks
like to believe in and achieve what was once only a dream. We will see our impact through the stories of
those we serve and individuals who have, through their persistence, enlivened the Power of Possible.

This year, we are highlighting our commitment to innovation that results in impact.

Innovation comes from precise improvements in way we deliver services, utilizing technology that
expand our ability to reach people.

Innovation is born out of an unrelenting commitment to find solutions to some of society’s toughest

Innovation is a result of a “what’s next” mentality…”

Innovation impacts generations.

Tonight, the room will be full of people from diverse backgrounds, disciplines, political persuasions, and
ideas. However, we all share one thing in common: we are driven by the knowledge that together we
make a difference in the lives of the individuals and the families we serve, and together we are working
to change the world.