Comprehensive Bio-psychosocial Assessment

The Fedcap Group completes a Biopsychosocial Assessment to help determine the functional capacity of an individual—in other words their ability to work. Using researched tools staff and selected contractors develop a comprehensive d view of an individual’s history, current status, including any issues that the person needs to address in order to be able to successfully obtain and retain a job. Biopsychosocial assessment includes a medical exam performed by a licensed physician and a thorough psychosocial assessment.

The Assessment directs the client to the most optimal path to employment when possible, and to appropriate medical services and/or disability programs when necessary.

The Bio-psychosocial Assessment includes the following:

When completed, this assessment provides a deep understanding of the health and social well-being. When indicated, an array of wellness services are provided to advance an individual’s ability to succeed in the workplace.