Dr. Yaara Shimshoni Appointed Senior Research Fellow at Fedcap’s Community Impact Policy Institute

New York, NY –The Community Impact Policy Institute—the thinktank and research arm of The Fedcap Group—has appointed Dr. Yaara Shimshoni Senior Research Fellow.


Dr. Shimshoni, a clinical psychologist and Clinical Assistant Professor at the prestigious Yale School of Medicine, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new role the Community Impact Policy Institute. Her research and clinical work focus on the treatment of anxious children and their parents, making her a valuable addition to The Fedcap Group’s research initiatives.


“We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Yaara Shimshoni to the Community Impact Policy Institute. Her extensive experience, research contributions, and dedication to improving the lives of children and families will undoubtedly enhance our research initiatives and further solidify our commitment to evidence-based practices that unlock the door to economic well-being,” said Christine McMahon, President and CEO of  The Fedcap Group.


At the Yale School of Medicine, Dr. Shimshoni actively participates in federally funded research projects and collaborates closely with Dr. Eli Lebowitz, the co-director of the anxiety and mood disorders program and the developer of the innovative SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions) program, a parent-based treatment program for children and adolescents with anxiety, OCD, and related issues. Dr. Shimshoni has not only been instrumental in applying and disseminating the program but has also played a vital role in treating anxious children and their parents. Her expertise extends to teaching and supervising clinicians in the implementation of SPACE.


In addition to her contributions to the field of anxiety and mood disorders, Dr. Shimshoni has published numerous peer-reviewed papers on the topic. Together with Dr. Lebowitz, she spearheaded the development of an application of SPACE to clinical picky eating and served as the lead investigator on a pilot study exploring the treatment. This project showcases the versatility and applicability of the program across various challenges faced by children and adolescents.


“I am excited to join The Fedcap Group’s Community Impact Policy Institute and contribute to its mission and look forward to leveraging my experience to enhance the research initiatives and advance policies that positively impact barriered communities,” said Dr. Yaara Shimshoni.


Dr. Shimshoni’s appointment represents a significant milestone for The Fedcap Group’s Community Impact Policy Institute, underscoring its ongoing commitment to advancing research and policies that positively impact communities and individuals facing barriers to economic well-being.


About the Community Impact Policy Institute

The Community Impact Policy Institute is the thinktank and research arm of The Fedcap Group, conducting leading research to provide solutions in breaking down barriers to economic well-being. The Institute, and its partners, have conducted groundbreaking analysis and solutions to many pressing needs including building wage and wealth for disadvantaged communities, effects of minimum wage increases, early childhood education, employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, socially responsible investing, immigration and its impact on the economy, and more. The Community Impact Policy Institute also provides technical assistance and training, products and hands on support to government agencies and community-based providers working to change their delivery of services and enhance the community integration of people with individuals with barriers to employment.


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