HPE Encore Fellowships

Eligible Applicants Must Meet The Following Criteria:

*HPE eligible team members only. Apply through August 1, 2024. Must be disconnected from the HPE firewall to submit the application.


Encore Fellows® are embedded as part of the host organizations’ staff, which allows them to deliver greater impact than as volunteers, board members, or short-term consultants. Throughout the year, Encore Fellowships bring Encore Fellows and social sector leaders together to share their experiences, network, further the understanding of the nonprofit sector and capture the value of strong diverse teams. Remote, hybrid, and in-person Encore Fellowships are available.
For more information, email EFinfo@fedcap.org.

Watch Homer’s Story

Homer Wong is an HPE retiree with expertise in Human Resources that was matched with SaverLife, a San Francisco-based organization that makes saving money easier and more rewarding.

How it Works

Things To Know

*A match is not guaranteed.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • US retiree eligible team members in good standing retiring in FY21 through FY24 and team members who participated in the FY20 U.S. Voluntary Career Transition Program.
  • Team members who can commit to 1,000 hours of work for a nonprofit organization for 12 months.

Application & Program Acceptance

Apply here to the HPE Encore Fellowships Program.
You must apply before August 1, 2024. We recommend that you apply as soon as possible.
Yes. During FY24, the HPE Encore Fellowships program is limited to approximately 4 sponsored fellowships. Candidates not selected for an HPE sponsored fellowship will become a part of Encore Fellowships’ candidate pool, and over time, may be matched based on the needs of potential host organizations.

Fellowships — Hosts and Locations

Yes, HPE Encore Fellowships are available throughout the U.S.
Potentially. If selected for an HPE sponsored Encore Fellowship, you may identify a nonprofit organization you would like to work with, and Encore Fellowships will vet them for program suitability. After your initial conversation with an Encore Fellowships representative, they will provide you a few suggested nonprofits to consider. You and the nonprofit will then meet and interview each other. If there is not a match, the Encore Fellowship program will look for additional nonprofit organizations that might better suit your interests.
Remote opportunities may be available in a location that is not near you. Candidates not selected for sponsorship have the option to become part of Encore Fellowships’ pool of candidates, and over time, may be matched based on potential host organization needs.

Fellowships — Matching

Almost all business roles are found in nonprofits – although they might have a different name.  Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Process improvement: improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations; improve quality management and processes
  • Planning: lead or coordinate strategic, sustainability or operational planning processes
  • IT support: assist nonprofit organizations in getting the most out of their IT environment
  • Leadership and management development: assess management practices and create actionable plans
  • Administration: support and improve administrative processes and office management
  • Performance management: design and implement an accountability system, including leadership, job structure, metrics, and goals
  • Program support and implementation: implement a program or service or provide administrative, analytic or implementation support
  • Marketing and communications: help deliver coherent, compelling messaging and marketing
  • Human resources: strengthen HR policies, structures, systems, and practices
  • Facilities management: coordinate construction plans and manage facilities

We strongly recommend that you apply only if you can fulfill the 1,000-hour time commitment. If you are unable to fulfill your assignment due to an unforeseen emergency, you will be paid for the hours you worked, but not the full stipend.

Fellowships are not limited to certain skillsets, positions, or former levels. Almost all business roles are found in nonprofits, although they might have a different name. HPE is sponsoring a limited number of  Encore Fellowships, so acceptance is limited in FY24. Candidates not selected for sponsorship have the option to become part of the  Encore Fellowships’ pool of candidates, and over time, may be matched based on the needs of potential host organizations.

Fellows are matched with a nonprofit host based on cultural fit, skills, area of interest, and the opportunity to make an impact. Please note a match is not guaranteed.

Yes. You and the nonprofit organization will meet to interview each other. If there is not a match, Your Encore Fellowship representative  will look for additional nonprofit organizations that might better suit your skill and interests.

Fellowships — Duration and Schedule

The Encore Fellowship is a commitment of 1,000-hours of work with a nonprofit organization. It can be completed full-time (6 months) or part-time (12 months).
The hours are very flexible. You will work with the nonprofit organization to determine your hours, your schedule, time-off, etc.
It is possible to have another part-time job if it does not impact your agreed upon availability with the host organization. This should be discussed with the host organization during the interview and vetting process. Many Encore Fellowships are structured as part-time.
No. Please consider the commitment to this program before applying to be an Encore Fellow.

Typically, fellowships are completed within a year. However, extensions are occasionally approved and are worked out with the nonprofit host organization.

Please give thoughtful consideration before accepting a fellowship to ensure the best fit. If adjustments are needed, work with your  Encore Fellowships representative. It may be possible to match you to another nonprofit organization, but there is no guarantee.