The Fedcap Group’s ReServe Team Talks with CBS2 New York on Employment for Older Workers

Older workers increasingly are choosing to stay in the workforce well past the traditional retirement age. A New York City program, Silver Corps, connects older workers with skills training, certifications and other support for older individuals who wish to remain in the workforce.

The Fedcap Group’s ReServe subsidiary works with nonprofits and government agencies to fill gaps in staffing with older workers, called ReServists.

CBS2 New York recently spoke with members of the ReServe team about what older individuals seek, and the many benefits to both the individuals and the organizations who hire them.

“Many seniors aren’t looking to rule the world. They’re not looking to climb the corporate ladder. Give them their rung and let them do their thing,” said Diane Cohen, Director of Partnerships for ReServe.

“The initial support at the Department of Aging really set the course for me, because they gave me the technical support, and the mental and emotional support. That’s really key right there. When someone says, ‘You have a dynamic resume. We’re going to help you. You’re going to do well.’So I say maybe I will be okay,” said Kioka Jones, a ReServist.

View the interview on the CBS2 New York website.