Civic Hall Announces Hydro-Quebec Energy Services to Make Civic Hall Its New Headquarters, Launches Partnership to Drive the Clean Tech Economy In New York City

New York, NY (June 10, 2024) – Today, Hydro-Quebec Energy Services announced it is making Civic Hall its New York City headquarters.  Located in the vibrant heart of the New York City tech center of Union Square, Civic Hall is a pioneering center for innovation, digital skills training, and civic technology. 

This strategic move underscores Hydro-Quebec’s U.S. subsidiary’s commitment to advancing local partnerships, clean technology and innovation, aligning with Civic Hall’s mission to foster collaborative tech-driven solutions for societal challenges. Hydro-Quebec, a leading energy provider known for its substantial renewable energy initiatives, notably its role in supplying 20% of New York City’s electricity needs via the Champlain Hudson Power Express (CHPE) transmission line, sees its presence at Civic Hall as a significant step in expanding its influence and operations within the burgeoning clean-tech sector of New York City. 

Civic Hall, a renowned center for technology and civic innovation, offers an ideal environment for Hydro-Quebec to contribute to and benefit from the dynamic ecosystem of innovators and thought leaders, as well as to collaborate with community-focused organizations

Hydro-Quebec’s new headquarters at Civic Hall is poised to become a hub for green economy related initiatives and partnerships, driving forward the city and state’s sustainable energy and climate goals. Through this strategic location, Hydro-Quebec aims to: bring added value to disadvantaged communities through genuine partnerships, harness the positive power of collaboration with other Civic Hall members and actively contribute to the clean energy transition. 

“Today’s partnership between Civic Hall and Hydro-Quebec Energy Services will go a long way in driving the expansion of clean tech innovation and fueling economic growth,” said Christine McMahon, President and CEO of The Fedcap Group—the parent organization for Civic Hall. “This collaboration is one of the key reasons why The Fedcap Group is expanding its education and workforce training programs in the clean tech economy, contributing to both environmental sustainability and economic prosperity.”

“We are excited to join the Civic Hall community and look forward to collaborating with the incredible network of innovators and civic minded leaders here,” said Serge Abergel, COO at Hydro-Quebec Energy Services. “Beyond the important clean power we will be supplying the Big Apple, we are dedicated to being active community-first partners always striving to bring value, especially to those struggling so they too can be empowered to meaningfully take part in the clean energy transition.  

“By engaging with Civic Hall’s diverse community of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and policy makers, Hydro-Quebec will be an important clean tech partner to collaborate on projects that leverage cutting-edge technologies to address renewable energy and sustainability,” said Jim Malatras, Chief Strategy Officer & Senior VP for Education, The Fedcap Group. “Hydro-Quebec’s decision to establish its NYC headquarters at Civic Hall reinforces its dedication to promoting sustainable energy solutions. This move not only highlights the company’s investment in clean technology but also its commitment to fostering a greener and more resilient urban infrastructure.”

About Civic Hall

Civic Hall is a collaborative innovation center that brings together civic-minded technologists, social entrepreneurs, government officials, and community leaders to develop technology solutions for the public good. Located in Union Square, Civic Hall fosters a vibrant ecosystem of knowledge sharing and cooperative action.

Civic Hall’s mission is to support and enable best-in-class programs that help close the digital skills divide and plan for the needs of tomorrow’s workforce. Civic Hall facilitates groundbreaking partnerships among high-impact organizations, civic and social innovators, workforce training partners, and New York’s employer ecosystem to work collectively to meet the educational and professional needs of all New Yorkers, especially those from communities too often left behind. Civic Hall also serves as a tech incubator and accelerator, helping to spur new innovations and ideas. For more information about membership opportunities, please visit  

About Hydro-Quebec

Hydro-Quebec is the largest producer of renewable energy in North America, with a mission to deliver clean, affordable, and reliable energy. With a strong emphasis on community engagement and innovation, the company is dedicated to advancing sustainable energy solutions that benefit both the environment and the economy.

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