Inspiring Hope

The stories of those who have moved past homelessness, incarceration, trauma, unemployment, and addiction are an inspiration for those who are struggling. For so many who have claimed—or reclaimed—their right as a self-sufficient, contributing individual, it is the story of someone whose path was much like their own that gives them the courage to try.

Last week, at the Fedcap Career Design School graduation, we were honored to hear the stories of three individuals whose lives took an unexpected turn. These three represented the 300+ other graduates who had the courage to start again, to take risks, and to believe in themselves.

James had had a successful career in security. He expected to move up the ladder. When his employer went out of business he thought it would be easy to step into another, comparable job. But that didn’t happen. Instead, after months of job searching, he found himself on public assistance. He was deeply discouraged.  But then… he took action. He applied to the Fedcap Career Design School. There he found a supportive staff and concrete skills that helped him navigate the pathway to a job that leveraged his training and his experience.   James is thrilled, is telling his story out loud and inspiring hope.

Yashira Cruz earned a Bachelor’s Degree in forensic psychology from John Jay College –and believed that she was on the road to a great career and a well-planned life. But she could not find a job, her family life was torn apart, and she found herself struggling with deep depression. She took a chance and enrolled in Fedcap’s Home Health Aide Training Program, to support herself while she pulled her life together and worked towards her dream. Today Yashira is completing a Master’s Degree in clinical social work, while gaining valuable experience working for Fedcap.  She took risks and fought for her life and when she told her story, people who listened were inspired to fight for theirs.

Minurka Marte is deaf and struggled to find her way in a hearing world.  With no education she immigrated to America, found Fedcap, learned American Sign Language and graduated from our Total Facilities Management Training Program. She now has a job, a home and can support her children.  Although she is deaf and cannot speak Minurka told her story out loud, she shared the courage it took to change her life, and she caused those who listened to fundamentally believe that they too can change theirs.

Many of us have stories of overcoming, of fighting back, of persevering in times of tragedy.  By speaking up and telling our stories we change the lives of those around us.  As we learn every day at Fedcap, the  Power of Possible is a life altering force.