Leader to Leader: Responding to Race and COVID-19

Nonprofit leaders speak with NYNMedia on confronting the twin challenges.

Nonprofit leaders, including Christine McMahon, President and CEO of The Fedcap Group, shared views on how COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement are changing the nonprofit sector with NYNMedia. 

“Recent events create an opportunity to prioritize outcome data on black Americans and target our investments accordingly. Each of us in the nonprofit sector can have real impact by collectively shifting our attention to those outcomes that bring about economic well-being. We must significantly improve early education opportunities, designed to drive the number of children entering and completing college, perhaps the single most reliable predictor of long-term success. Lending institutions must re-think their risk profiles and success factors, adjusting their lending to enhance the economic development results of poor neighborhoods.”

Read the full article—with perspectives from nonprofit leaders in the arts, health, workforce and youth development, and other sectors—in the first of two articles discussing the changing nonprofit sector: Leader to Leader: Responding to Race and COVID-19 (part 1). 

Leaders of nonprofits are looking ahead and adapting to changing conditions, and the crisis has presented an opportunity to create real change. “Independent of COVID-19, nonprofits face structural challenges that limit our progress in improving the economic wellbeing of marginalized populations. The pandemic has only exacerbated and amplified our difficulties in advancing meaningful change. At some point, we must come to terms with the stark reality of how not-for-profits are capitalized,” said Ms. McMahon. Read the second part of this in-depth look at the nonprofit sector: Leader to Leader: The Post-COVID Nonprofit.