Making a Lasting Impact


As a nonprofit agency, we are committed to knowing that what we do matters and lasts.

Today, “the nonprofit sector is the third largest component of the American economy, beating out banking, construction, telecommunications, and accounting,” writes Heather McLean Grant in a Philanthropic News Digest article, “Force for Good: Six Practices of High impact Nonprofits.”

This reality provides the nonprofit sector with a tremendous platform to make a fundamental, lasting impact.

During our Gala this past week, The Fedcap Group put a stake in the ground in our commitment to making a lasting impact. We announced our Five Bold Goals that will drive our work for decades to come.

Our Five Bold Goals include:

      1. Every person living in foster care has the resources to go to college and graduate
      2. Individuals who leave prison/jail get a job, rejoin their communities and do not reoffend
      3. Adults with an intellectual disabilities who want a job are employed at a competitive wage
      4. People on public assistance obtain jobs and reduce dependency on government assistance
      5. Children ages 0-6 are prepared and inspired to complete their education, obtain employment and live full lives

We are focusing our research, resources and talent on achieving these goals. Succeeding will make a dramatic and lasting difference—leaving society in a much better place.

A recent video talk by Anne Wallestad, President and CEO of Board Source, resonated with the way I think about our work. In order to achieve lasting impact, we need to: 1. Start with purpose – why do we exist? 2. Define our values and live them. 3. Cultivate resilience and relevance through flexibility. 4. Build influence by demonstrating the power of possibility.

This requires that the leadership of our nonprofit companies be strategic. To achieve high impact, we must be continually moving and evolving – getting better, refining our focus and the quality of our practice. Authors Meehan and Jonka shine a spotlight on the importance of our role: “We are at the dawn of a new age, the “Impact Era” in which nonprofits will play an ever more pivotal role in supporting, safeguarding and sustaining American Civil Society.”

I believe we are up to the task of making a lasting impact.

What are your thoughts?