Munir Chaudhary

Munir Chaudhary is a Project Lead for the data entry team on the NYC Department of Finance (DOF) contract in Jamaica, Queens—for Fedcap Rehabilitation. He manages the day-to-day, end-to-end processing of parking tickets for the DOF—between 2,000-out 3,000 tickets per day.

Munir came to the US from Pakistan in 2011 to join his father. In Pakistan he had worked in accounting and bookkeeping. Shortly after arriving in the US, Munir enrolled in a two-year program at the Manhattan School of Computer Technology, and graduated with a diploma in accounting. He got married in 2015; he and his wife have three children.

Munir sought employment as soon as he graduated, but as a wheelchair user he faced significant barriers to employment. “I did a lot of interviews. I knew I could do the job, but a lot of places didn’t hire me I think because of that. It was a very hard time. My father had passed away, and I had no other relatives, so I lived for a while with my father’s friend.”

A friend told Munir about ACCES-VR, which referred him to Fedcap Rehabilitation Services.

As Project Lead, Munir is in charge of preparing and providing daily batches of tickets to Data Entry clerks, and keeping them updated on the latest DOF procedures; ensuring that quality and accuracy meet customer standards; providing feedback to the staff and performing random audits; assisting staff with resolving issues and answering questions; compiling daily reports for DOF and Fedcap Rehabilitation management, and training new employees on proper data entry procedures.

“The quality control process is very important,” said Kevin Pugh, Business Solutions Manager for Fedcap Rehabilitation, and Munir’s supervisor. “With Munir, there are hardly any mistakes at all. He patiently walks staff through every data field and the keying process, so they can continue to develop speed and accuracy. I couldn’t ask for a better person, either a lead or colleague.”

Munir’s first job was as a Data Entry Clerk on an NYC Emergency Medical Services contract. A supervisor on that project told Kevin that Munir’s key-in rate was exceptional, so Munir was trained on other aspects of data entry. When a project leader on the DOF contract suddenly left, Munir stepped right in. He hit the ground running, and soon mastered every aspect of the job.

Riku Bush, who first came to Fedcap Rehabilitation 12 years ago, works as a Data Entry Clerk and messenger. Munir has been his team leader for five years. “Munir works hard, and always wants to learn new things. If you need help with anything he will always help you. He is a very patient person. ”

Adds Shaton Dillard, a Data Entry Clerk on Munir’s team who also serves as team lead backup–“Munir is just very efficient. I know I can call him any time and he will go out of his way to help. He is always looking for ways to help us work better and faster. He will train new people for as long as needed to make sure they feel comfortable with the system. Munir is just a really good person.”