Munir Chaudhary: “My work allows me to be self-sufficient and support my family.”

Munir Chaudhary came to the US from Pakistan in 2011 to join his father. He was excited about this new adventure, but the transition was much harder than he thought it would be.

Munir completed a two-year degree in accounting in order to enhance his employability, but still struggled to find work. But he kept at it, knowing that sooner or later things would come together.

When Munir found Fedcap Rehabilitation Services—a company of The Fedcap Group—he experienced a work environment where his abilities, skills and talent were in demand. And the thing about Fedcap was that they kept encouraging him to do more, to advance, to save and to really establish a plan for his future.

Today, Munir is Project Lead for the Data Entry Team on the NYC Department of Finance contract in Jamaica, Queens, where he is in charge of reporting, quality assurance, training and audits. This is a huge job with significant responsibility—and Munir was up for the task.

In his home country Munir had been a successful sought after professional, working in accounting and bookkeeping. However, in New York, as a person with a disability in a wheelchair, he faced significant barriers to employment—including stigma, inaccessible workplaces and significant transportation challenges.

“Fedcap didn’t focus on my disability—they only cared about my abilities! They saw in me the strength and talent others did not. My work
allows me to be self-sufficient and to support my family. I love being part of a diverse team that is making the world a better place.”