Older Workers: A Solution to the Labor Shortage

NerdWallet.com interviewed ReServe Executive Director Edward Bolognini about what older workers bring to businesses, and how they can help solve the labor shortage.

Ed Bolognini, Executive Director of ReServe was recently interviewed for an article on the website of NerdWallet, a personal finance company with a strong online presence.

The article–Are Older Workers a Solution to the Labor Shortage?–asks whether older workers, classified as those age 40 and over by the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act, are the answer to today’s labor shortage. There are 10,000 people turning 65 every day in this country. They possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise that can be tremendously beneficial to companies. Currently ReServe has 435 ReServists placed in organizations throughout New York City, Miami, Augusta, MA, Boston, MA and Wilmington DE.

To date, the article has been picked up by Yahoo Finance, Syracuse.com, The Tallahassee Tribune, BlueMountainEagle.com (in Grant County, Oregon), The Weekly Journal (Puerto Rico & Caribbean), WFMZ-TV website (Berks County/Philadelphia/Lehigh Valley), Madisonville Messenger (Kentucky), and Alexander City Outlook (Alabama).

ReServe was founded in 2005 by Jack Rosenthal, Herb Sturz and Michael Weinstein, on the premise that hiring older workers, leveraging their experience and talents is good for business and good for the older worker. In the NerdWallet article, Ed had the opportunity to expand on the value of older workers–beyond the experience and knowledge they bring to the workplace, there is also a cultural advantage they bring to the organization. Their no-nonsense work ethic, ability to motivate co-workers and insight on how to solve seemingly intractable problems is invaluable.

“You’ve worked with people, for people, around people for a long enough time that you have settled into how you successfully interact with colleagues, supervisors, customers and clients,” he said.

Click here to read the article. Congratulations to Ed for sharing his insights, and for bringing ReServe to the attention of a wide national audience.