Optimism: A Driver of Progress


  1. A disposition or tendency to look on the more favorable side of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome.
  2. The belief that goodness pervades reality.

At the Fedcap Group, it is optimism that unites us—at every level. We believe that we can change the world and come to work every day driving toward that goal.  Our tag line—the power of possible—highlights our optimism. We set bold goals and we simply refuse to settle.

Optimism is an undergirding piece of our culture and it is a characteristic we intentionally seek in candidates for employment.  We want people who believe that change, impact, and progress are by-products of hard work.  We want employees who are students of making a difference, not driven by a mindless optimism, but a data-driven “can do” way of approaching problem solving.

We invest time and resources in creating smart, innovative and precise interventions that impact the very real issues facing people with barriers to economic well-being. We believe that the right mix and match of interventions, precisely delivered and sequenced properly can lift people out of poverty—for generations.  We test new ideas, refine those ideas based on evidence–in a continuous cycle of quality improvement.

We strive each day to turn our optimism into reality.

It is not easy to maintain a culture of “can do.”  There are external realities over which we have no control that can have a significant impact. But that is the secret sauce of optimism—even in the face of challenges, we are confident that we still can be the change we need.

I invite you to consider what lies beneath your work in the world. What do you believe is possible? Are you optimistic? And if not, what would it take to deliberately cultivate optimism as a driver of your business and strategic and structural goals?

As always, I welcome your thoughts.