Outpatient Services

Over 20 percent of the adult population of the United States – approximately 44 million people – suffer from some form of mental illness, and a large percentage is undiagnosed or untreated.

The social, emotional and economic consequences touch all of us. The Fedcap Group is a leader in recognizing that we and others must address this problem. We are an innovator in framing the design and delivery of mental health services.

With a commitment to offer services where people can easily access them, we have outpatient clinics that provide a range of treatments for adults 18 and older. Veterans, the justice involved, children and youth, and any individual in need can access treatment.

We provide mental health services with an eye on economic well-being and long term self-sufficiency. We believe that work complements treatment. Our clinics provide a full array of treatments and services for adults while fully integrating work readiness into the clinical mix.

Our outpatient services include individual counseling and psychotherapy, psychiatric evaluations, medication management, group, family and couple’s counseling, services for veterans and their families, and services for patients with co-occurring disorders and forensic histories.