What Our Partners Are Saying

The Fedcap Group partners with thousands of forward thinking, effective organizations and individuals—across the US and in Europe. These partnerships include our funders, our donors, our vendors, as well as advocacy groups, associations, academia and thought leaders. We value these relationships and work diligently to advance the quality and integrity of our collective work.

“Through immediate engagement, accountability, and comprehensive case management, TANF recipients are able to move quickly back into the workforce. Our partnership with Fedcap has enabled our participants to rapidly gain the necessary skills needed to begin their pathway toward economic stability.”

“College persistence is challenging for higher education institutions across the country.…Single Stop—a member of The Fedcap Group— has helped students at CCP stay on track so they can continue working toward their academic and career goals. The Metis Report documents that the partnership is making a real difference in the lives of our students. College persistence is a hallmark of Single Stop’s success.”

“Thank you Fedcap for your work in what is so essential and often missing in discussions about mental health and addiction, and that is employment, which in our culture is tied to self-esteem. What President Kennedy tried to do with the Community Mental Health Act of 1963, to help people lead productive lives while living with their families in their communities, is what Fedcap does every day.”

“Tremendous complexity exists both in the range of issues confronting our veterans and the labyrinth of well-meaning, but not necessarily effective organizations seeking to support them. Colonel Sutherland and the Dixon Center team have an insider’s perspective and informed understanding of the complexity of these issues and effectiveness of organizations. Their collaborative model ensures that the most effective organizations receive support to achieve the most meaningful outcomes for our active military, veterans and their families.”

“Since 2015, the PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc. has collaborated with and invested in Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services, a member of The FedCap Group. Dixon Center is helping to eliminate major barriers in transition and improve the quality of life for veterans and their families in the areas of training, credentialing, and employment from military service back into civilian life. Dixon Center is the connective tissue between veterans and community based support across the nation.”

“I am so proud of the work being done through our contract with Fedcap. The personal stories shared by participants who have struggled with self-confidence and employment barriers who are successfully advancing on the employment path proves what this administration has been saying for so long—the best way out of poverty is a job. The self-confidence that comes with a paycheck cannot be understated. The program's ability to build a curriculum and plan based on an individual's skills set and strengths will provide them with the best opportunity to be successful and self-sufficient.”

Easterseals New York, a member of The Fedcap Group, is committed to lifting the floor for others—especially our veterans. It serves as an advocate for the heroes who have pursued a safer future for us all. It offers excellent and effective career development services for our veterans including work readiness and job skills training and job placement.

Fedcap has provided mailing services for NYC HPD for over thirty years. During this time we have been tremendously satisfied with the quality and responsiveness of the services. The staff are of the highest quality. We are especially impressed and pleased with the records and documentation provided by The Fedcap Group.

The Fedcap Group delivers cost effective services of the highest quality. They have embraced a leadership role in the battle against the opioid epidemic with courage and boldness. Their strategy provides a fully integrated solution, one that addresses the individual, the family, our neighborhoods, and the business community. They are the Power of Possible.

Easterseals New York—a member of The Fedcap Group – has designed dynamic preschool programs for our children. The structure is helping to launch our children to long term success. They are an active participant in the community and engage multiple stakeholders to enrich the lives of children and families.

CWS—a member of The Fedcap Group--has been a great partner to the city of Boston, and has an excellent reputation for effectively working with our formerly incarcerated. They understand the link between jobs and reduction in recidivism and they provides evidence-based case management that ensures that individuals’ critical needs are assessed and addressed, ensuring re-entry success.

“Easterseals North Texas —a member of the Fedcap Group— and the University of North Texas have created a meaningful and sustainable partnership. For over ten years, hundreds of children and families have received high quality, evidence based interventions that have forever changed their lives. Equally, students have learned to deliver compassionate and effective care in real world settings. This is community engagement at its finest.”