Digital Printing and Document Management

In the digital age a successful organization needs to store and retrieve data quickly and efficiently.

Digital Printing and Document Management, a commercial business of The Fedcap Group, provides state-of-the-art document imaging and data capture services. As more and more information is created in digital formats or later converted to digital, organizations must have a reliable system to capture, preserve and retrieve files.

We partner with our clients for document management either at our own production facility or at customer sites. We operate an active Data Entry Center with twenty-eight workstations. This network is supported by dedicated servers and an extensive infrastructure, which runs several custom developed data capture applications.
The Document Management Center has its own robust servers and network, which is connected to the data entry and agency servers, as well as our secure FTP server. Customer data is securely stored and readily available. Equipment in this center includes multiple high-speed production scanners, powerful workstations and several comprehensive document management software packages.

Our Printing business continues to expand its capacity and routinely works with both for profit and nonprofit companies to print marketing materials, annual reports, and assundry other kinds of documents.

To find out how our Digital Printing and Document Management Services can capture and maintain your vital data, contact Arielle White at