We believe that our ability to remain relevant, sustainable and achieve measurable impact is critical to the long-term corporate health of The Fedcap Group.

Relevance: A commitment to continuous innovation and modernization.

An organization must remain ahead of the curve—understanding the emerging trends in practice, funding and technology and how they impact service design and delivery. We simply cannot do what we have always done. If we do, we may continue to serve problems, but we will not really solve problems.

Relevance means that the organization is positioned to thrive regardless of the inevitable twists and turns of the marketplace.

Sustainability: A commitment to long term financial health.

None of our work is possible if we don’t remain financially healthy. Sustainability requires that we stay focused on core corporate health indicators, and we build strategies and accompanying structures to ensure our short and long-term financial health.

Sustainability advances our ability to innovate and stay relevant.

Impact: A commitment to measurable improvements.

The Fedcap Group is committed to solving problems not just serving them. We have set bold goals and we measure our success against
the national outcomes of vulnerable populations, not just those who walk through our door.

We have embedding research into our program models to ensure the efficacy of our program design and then replicating and scaling our evidence-based interventions.