Sharing Stewardship: Creating a Culture of Philanthropy

The Fedcap Group is committed to growth and to expanding our geographic and mission footprint. Each of our 4,000 employees knows that what they do matters and helps to create relevant, sustainable impact.

Our work is not siloed: we are all responsible and we are all equally empowered.

Our philosophy here is that all of us—no matter what our position—are responsible for the tenets that undergird our culture.

Each one of our employees understands that they play a role in analyzing, managing, and mitigating risk.

They know that innovation can come from any individual within the organization.

They know that marketing and sharing our mission regularly is part of their role.

And, they know that fundraising and cultivating new donors to support the work of the agency is an important part of their role.

There are many ways to inspire a culture of philanthropy.

We can ask those we know to give to the work of the Fedcap Group.   We can spread the word of our own commitment in a variety of ways—through networking, inviting colleagues and friends to events, by using social media as a way to make others aware of the impact of our work.

We are consistently looking for ways to make contribution part of the fabric of the organization.  We are transparent—ensuring that our employees know where and how their contributions are changing lives.

By feeling and seeing the fruits of their engagement, our employees know that their involvement and commitment contributes to a sustainable impact to the individuals we serve.