Strategic Considerations for Leading a Family of Companies

Growth is an essential part of our strategy here at The Fedcap Group.  Growth occurs through organic expansion of existing programs, acquiring new programs by responding to Requests for Proposals, and by combining with organizations with synergistic missions.   Our growth and expansion enable us to broaden and deepen our impact to individuals and enhance the capacity of systems that serve those with barriers to economic well-being.

Leaders from across our many and growing companies must consider the work from a 30,000-foot high lens, understanding market trends, shifts in government funding, ways technology impacts the competitive environment, while at the same time seeing our work from all stakeholder perspectives and keep in mind near and far-term goals. At the same time, they need always to maintain the essential on-the-ground work and tactical work that needs to be done. This duality of roles is no easy task.

Clear corporate goals, strategy and structure are critical components of a foundation that can sustain the kind of growth we are experiencing and expect to continue. Ensuring clarity around our goals, strategy and structure is a major component of our Corporate Weeks—where each quarter, leaders from across the country come together to strategize around issues that impact the future of our organization. These weeks provide an opportunity to continue honing a multi-enterprise approach to our work as we listen to perspectives from our diverse geographic, stakeholder, practice, and program areas.

It isn’t always easy to unravel the complexities of a multi-agency organization, but by being deliberate in the vision and manifestation of understood and agreed upon goals, strategy and our structure, and by communicating them—a lot—through multiple channels, we are building a team of staff who are continually working together to create relevance, sustainability and impact.