Celebrating the Power of Possible

Celebrating the Power of Possible

Possible [posuh-buhl]

  1. being within the limits of ability, capacity, or realization
  2. having an indicated potential

Every day here at Fedcap, we experience the Power of Possible. We hear story after story of individuals—and their families—who have crossed the threshold from thinking that their recovery, their re-integration into society, their ability to live and thrive alongside their disability, or even their ability to get a job were once just a dream—and who now know that they have a future that offers promise, economic well-being, and hope for a new path to dignity and worthiness. They have persevered and triumphed. And they have won.

In a little over a month, we will be hosting our annual Gala in what will be a magnificent celebration of the Power of Possible. We will be celebrating the lives of those individuals who have experienced  transformation and those whose lives have been changed because someone believed in them.

One such success story belongs to Fernando Santiago. Fernando says, “It was easy to fall into the wrong crowd,” growing up where he did in the Bronx. Living in a tough neighborhood riddled with crime, he, too, ended up breaking the law, selling drugs and ultimately landed in prison. The statistics tell us that recidivism among men is 40% within three years of release. But Fernando beat the statistics. He got training and skills through Fedcap Career Design School and learned custodial skills. And, it is because he had the right tools at the right time with the right kinds of support that Fernando went from potential statistic to thriving individual who today, has employees depending on him and his strong leadership. His is a story of the Power of Possible.

Here is Fernando’s story.

Stay tuned to more stories in the coming weeks as we gear up to celebrate The Power of Possible.

Each one of us—through our support, our interest, and our contributions can also become part of the movement that is the Power of Possible.

How might you contribute to transforming a life and helping to create a Power of Possible story?