The Case for Socially Responsible Investing

Ten years ago, The Fedcap Group launched our first Solution Series—dedicated to addressing issues important to Business in the 21st Century.  These sessions have brought together over 2000 representatives from business, academia, foundations, government and advocates.

On Tuesday morning, March 26, from 8-9:30 a.m. at the Westin NY Grand Central Madison Ballroom, The Fedcap Group will be hosting what I believe will be one of our most compelling and topical Solution Series to date: Socially Responsible Investing: The Moral Case for Impact Investing.

As a society, it is clear we can no longer ignore the pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges that threaten the future of our generation and those to come. In my own lifetime, the world’s population has grown by billions; our climate has grown warmer and is subject to unpredictable disasters; poverty, starvation, and economic inequity are plagues that affect many more communities than just a short generation ago.

As business leaders, as investors, and as stewards of public funding, it is in our collective best interests to mobilize our capital for the long term public good. This investment approach—known as Socially Responsible Investing—or Impact Investing—provides a vehicle to make a sound and tangible difference.

One socially responsible investment framework that is gaining momentum as a system and as a structure integrates Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations into institutional and private investing. ESG evaluates and measures the impact of how a company manages its various resources and the relative risks inherent in business operations—including environmental factors such as water, energy, and air quality, social factors such as diversity and human capital, and governance issues around ethics and integrity.

More and more businesses are investing in socially responsible ventures with favorable returns. Google, for example, invested recently $1billion in renewable energy products. Coca-Cola in investing $1 billion in help support and develop business skills in women and minority-owned suppliers.

On March 26, we will be hearing more about the case for Socially Responsible Investing from three nationally recognized experts at the forefront of this investment framework.  I invite you to register for this free forum that will lay out the foundation for the moral, the practical, and the profitable case for Socially Responsible Investing.

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I look forward to seeing you there.