The Event: Not Simply a Good Time

Events are a staple for most non-profits, and they are invariably a time to celebrate the people who have contributed time, energy, resources, and funding to an organization over the course of the year as well as to raise awareness of the organization’s good work. Fedcap is no exception: we host a number of events and we are always glad to bring people together and to have them learn more about our family of agencies, our programs and services, and the impact we make in our communities.

Here at Fedcap, behind every nametag, every packet, every menu decision, every poster, and every hour of preparation, there is a story of individuals whose lives have been changed. Our hope is that when people attend our events, their understanding of a societal issue is deepened, they learn something new, they connect with people who care about the same things that they care about, they are moved, or they simply have fun. But on top of that, we hope that they know that by coming together in the spirit of learning or fun, behind the scenes, they are contributing a lot more than a good time.

For example, when you attend one of several Easterseals golf tournaments, you are bound to have a good time. You are out in the fresh air, presumably with old (or new) friends. You are doing something that you like to do. In the meantime, you are also changing the life of a family like Alex’s, whose parents were unable to manage his aggressive, combative physical behavior. They had not been able to step out for a visit with extended family or to go out for a meal for the nine years since Alex had been born. That is, until they found Easterseals, whose program not only helped Alex to socialize and verbalize, but also gave Alex’s parents the tools they needed to better manage their life at home. Now all three family members are able to attend ball games, shop at the grocery store, and even go out for dinner. This shift is due to the professional work of the Easterseals staff, and it is due to your support and attendance at a fun golfing event.

Behind every event, there are hundreds of children like Alex, veterans who need retraining and social support post-deployment, those recovering from mental illness or substance use disorder who will thrive because they are fully employed and counted on for a good job. Workers over 55 are doing the work they love while contributing to their communities. Foster children are entering—and staying—in college. Those who have left the justice system are staying out of the system.

These days, it’s easy to stay home and select something great on a big (or little) screen. But the next time you see an announcement for an event, think about this: just by showing up, just by spending a few hours away from home, you will be connecting with others who think and feel as you do, you will undoubtedly have a good time, and you may well learn something new. Most importantly, though, your attendance will be changing the life of a family, a neighbor, a friend, or even a family member.

I look forward to seeing you on the links, at a party, or at one of our Solution Series or our Gala.  Together, we can have fun and we can change lives while we’re doing it.