The Fedcap Group Announces New Combinations

The Fedcap Group Announces New Combinations

NEW YORK, NY—In an effort to strengthen and expand services for individuals with disabilities and other barriers to economic well-being. The Fedcap Group​​ is pleased to announce our formal combination with Easterseals North Texas, Easterseals Central Texas and MVLE.

The agency serves more than 200,000 people each year across a 22-state footprint.

“These combinations present an incredible opportunity to broaden programmatic strengths and to increase our collective impact,” said Christine McMahon, President and CEO of The Fedcap Group. “The leadership and talent represented in these three organizations bring mission synergies that increase the breadth of our reach and the impact of our combined work. We are profoundly honored to affiliate with their staff and Boards.”   


Since 1971 MVLE has believed in and created opportunities for individual(add S) with disabilities to find their independence through community-based social activities, supported employment, and customized skills training. Through strong business and community partnerships and relationships with government and affiliate agencies, MVLE is a competitive and reliable workforce development agency building a spirit of full inclusion within the communities they serve. MVLE has a history of successfully providing a broad range of services that result in community based employment. 

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Easterseals Central Texas

Easterseals’ mission is to change the way the world defines and views disability by making profound, positive differences in people’s lives every day. This non-profit provides an array of services. Their Early Childhood Intervention program and Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility gives children and adolescents with disabilities and their caregivers the services and support necessary to participate fully in life. Their adult services program provides support to adults with disabilities to help them achieve work, social and other life goals. Their work with veterans helps vets and their families access critical supportive services in their community.  

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Easterseals Northern Texas

Individuals of all abilities receive high-quality service when they look to Easterseals North Texas for help. Their teams of therapists, job coaches and other professionals help each person reach their goals to be more independent. Easterseals North Texas provides a broad array of evidence-based treatment for children and their families, unique inclusive pre-school services, employment services for adults with disabilities, and community based outreach to veterans.  

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The Fedcap Group 

In a chance meeting in Times Square in 1935, three WWI veterans, unable to find work because of their injuries, founded an agency dedicated to the employment of people with disabilities and other barriers to economic well-being. More than eight decades later, Fedcap Rehabilitation Services, Inc. is part of The Fedcap Group, a thriving and rapidly growing organization that is bringing ever greater economic well-being to hundreds of thousands of lives each year.

In 2010, a strategic decision was made to expand through targeted combinations and partnerships with high-quality, mission-aligned nonprofit organizations. We have chartered a course to identify high-performing partners whose staff and Boards create work that accelerates our own – resulting in measurable shifts in the economic outlook for the individuals we serve.  The Fedcap Group now offers a platform for a family of agencies that collectively showcase the Power of Possible™.  As the parent company of recognized brands, The Fedcap Group enables organizations to focus on delivering proven services and solving systemic problems. Through shared services and financial transparency, we are committed to empowering effective organizations that empower individuals. 

We continue the historic mission of removing barriers to economic well-being through four major areas of practice: Education, Workforce Development, Occupational Health and Economic Development.  Every day, through extraordinary companies that offer diverse programs and innovative solutions, we focus on sustainability, relevance and impact from coast to coast.