The Fedcap Group Unveils Wall Display Depicting 85 Year History of Making A Difference

The Fedcap Group recently unveiled a historical timeline of photos and images that tells the story of the agency from its founding in 1935 through the present day.

The striking installation, on a wall in the lobby of The Fedcap Group offices at 210 E. 43rd Street, was unveiled at a ceremony attended by board members, leadership and staff. Comprised of new and archival photos and newspaper articles, including raised images, the timeline brings to life The Fedcap Group‘s early days as a pioneering social enterprise and traces the transformative accomplishments of its middle years through the current era of expanded impact and global growth.

The timeline is a powerful testament to the enduring legacy of The Fedcap Group in transforming lives and communities, helping individuals find economic well-being for themselves and their families,” said The Fedcap Group President and CEO Christine McMahon in remarks at the event.  “It honors our history and stands as a testimonial upon which future generations of The Fedcap Group can build upon.”

At over 20 feet in length, the collage is a depiction in words and images of the work and impact of The Fedcap Group over the past 85 years. All members of The Fedcap Group family, and colleagues, friends and partners are encouraged to visit our offices at 210 E 43rd Street to view this powerful testimonial to the Power of Possible!