The Power of Possible

Every one of the individuals who come through our doors comes with a story. 

Every one of the individuals who come through our doors comes with a story. They believe the narrative they have been told about who they are–and about their potential. They have been told they are lazy, and they believed it. They have been told they couldn’t break the bonds of poverty, and they believed that, too. They were told they weren’t very smart; their disability would forever be a barrier; that having gone to jail, they could never amount to anything more than being a criminal. They were told they are too old to work; their veteran status didn’t matter. And they believed it.

Language matters. People believe what they are told about themselves. They define themselves by others’ prejudice. And the world responds accordingly.

But what if we told people how smart they are, how motivated they could be, and that they could accomplish what they want? What would happen if they started to believe a different story—a different truth? What kind of a world could we create together?

At the Fedcap Group, we are all about changing the circumstances and changing the story—and the reality—of the lives of people we serve. We believe that with precise innovations and interventions, we can affect change in the systems that have kept them from achieving their greatest potential. We are propelled by the belief—and the knowledge—that together, we can achieve more than was ever dreamed of.

This is the Power of Possible.

Every day at the Fedcap Group, in partnership with business, government, academia and community partners, we are improving lives. We deliver measurable shifts in economic and social self-sufficiency for individuals while helping companies, insurers, local governments, and educators meet their objectives.

Our innovative approaches to Education, Workforce Development, Occupational Health and Economic Development funnel through our national network of agencies and impact the lives of over 300,000 people annually in the U.S. and Europe.

  • We help individuals graduate from high school, obtain vocational certification or a college degree, become work-ready, obtain meaningful employment and achieve economic well-being through living wage employment. This is the Power of Possible.
  • We support individuals with mental illness and substance use disorder in receiving the critical treatment and support they need to thrive in society. This is the Power of Possible.
  • Through programming expertise and cutting-edge technology platforms, we help a growing number of the 46+ million Americans living in poverty. Since 2007, we have assisted over 1.9 million households, draw down $5.9 billion in benefits. This is the Power of Possible.
  • Our growing array of Early Intervention Services and our network of Child Development Centers provide safe, caring environments and state-of-the-art tools and programs so that preschool children of all abilities learn together, play together and prepare for long-term success. This is the Power of Possible.
  • Our groundbreaking work with veterans and military families results in access to critical services, employment, education and overall wellness. This is the Power of Possible.
  • We assist nonprofits and government and community agencies in finding top talent to fill critical staffing needs at affordable rates—helping them build capacity. This is the Power of Possible.

Every single day, we are challenging—and changing—the narrative in the lives of thousands of individuals. Every day, we celebrate the achievements of those who once believed they could never realize their dream. Every day, we are creating solutions to tough problems.

We achieve what we do because we are inspired and we are driven by the Power of Possible.