Be a WorkSTAR™.

Markets fluctuate. Some sales years are better than others. The markets can be fickle. Management teams change. What is enduring about the work a company does? It is something deeper than marketing campaigns and advertisements. What endures is the footprint your company leaves on the world.

Corporate social responsibility is becoming a critical standard against which organizations are measured, and that’s a good thing. Your brand must stand for something beyond business, something that truly endures.

The Fedcap Group provides a way for companies to be responsible corporate citizens, and to change lives and communities for the better with true and deep lasting effects.

When a company hires a person with a barrier such as a physical or developmental disability, lives are enriched.

We honor those companies in a very visible way with the WorkSTAR™ designation, recognizing companies who have chosen to hire a person with a barrier – and change lives along the way. Companies that have received the WorkSTAR™ designation include:

Home Depot

Restaurant Associates

Fresh Direct

TJX Companies

Ocean Janitorial