Fiscal Year 2020 ANNUAL REPORT

Fiscal Year


Annual Report


A Story of Resilience, Response, and

Resolve That will

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Fiscal Year 2020 started out like most years for

The Fedcap Group

reviewing data, evaluating
outcomes, refining service
delivery, planning for expansion,
and innovating.

We had our most

—even amidst a snowstorm—

meeting our target
of raising over


and packing Ciprani

42nd Street in NYC.

We established our



bold goal #1

Every young person living in

has the tools and resources to
go to college and graduate.

bold goal #2

Individuals who leave

develop healthy connections in the
community and do not reoffend.

bold goal #3

Every single adult with
an intellectual disability

who wants a job is employed at a

bold goal #4

Individuals on

obtain jobs and reduce their

bold goal #5

are prepared and inspired
to complete their

We held the Public Release of our

joined by several hundred stakeholders
from around the country.

Fedcap Canada

as part of our

And our services and

accompanying reputation in the

United Kingdom

and we are positioned to significantly expand our efforts over the next several years.

We began to monitor

key performance indicators
of economic well-being

Every person served by

The Fedcap Group

has a

key performance indicators
of economic well-being

Every person served by

The Fedcap Group

has a

key performance indicators
of economic well-being...

Every person served by

The Fedcap Group


key performance indicators
of economic well-being

Every person served by

The Fedcap Group

has a

The Fedcap Group

is committed to the

of its staff.

Through our Learning Forward Initiatives, staff are becoming increasingly skilled…

The Fedcap Group

is committed to the

of its staff

Through our

our staff is becoming increasingly skilled…

We continued efforts to combine with
top-tier organizations like

Apex Technical school

This exciting combination would advance

our Workforce Development and Educational efforts.

It looked to be a very

Then a global pandemic hit
—the first of its kind since


Cities and towns came to a standstill.

Streets were empty.

Restaurants closed their doors.

People were instructed to shelter in place.

Children were sent home from school

—where many stay to this day.

"Wash your hands,"

"Don’t touch your face,"

"Wear a mask,"

"Social distance,"

became everyday words.

And as the world took a step back…

The Fedcap group

Our Executive Team launched a
Command Center and Staff Hotline

–ensuring that our staff from across
our footprint had the support they
needed including:

We deep cleaned

We provided

to the families in need.

We cooked

for the homeless in our Commercial Kitchen

We provided

for emergency responders


The Fedcap School

closed, this meant that
children would miss the breakfasts and
lunches they received during the school day.
Our principal and teachers could not
stand the idea of students going hungry
--so they went in every day,

Homeless shelters needed food.

large number of people needing a

So our Food Arts Center partnered

with local agencies and

created and delivered over

And because many of

new york city's

first responders needed to work

to ensure that they could do

what they needed to do.

This kind of heroism only
occurs because of our

courageous and
committed staff

—As a result, we honored

We enhanced our

information technology infrastructure.

delivery channel for corporate compliance
and HIPAA training.

Invested in FedcapCARES

on automated on-boarding and
integrated background check services.

We maintained our

throughout the

COVID crisis

key financial ratios

are $27.7MM less than Full Year FY 2019
due to year over year anticipated program
related reductions.

refinanced in fiscal 2021 and increased to

Throughout FY 2020, Board Members,
individuals, corporations, and
foundations invested


in the work of The Fedcap Group



in gifts to support our COVID
response efforts.

The Fedcap Group

is stronger than ever

came together in unprecedented ways to ensure
that we are able to continue to do our
important work, for the most vulnerable,
in the places that need us the most.


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