Dear Friends,

Every day, the 21 companies of The Fedcap Group are improving the lives of children and adults with disabilities, veterans, youth transitioning from foster care, the chronically unemployed, the impoverished, those struggling with mental illness and recovering from substance use disorders, older workers and the justice involved.

The year 2020 was as challenging as any in our 85 year history. With resilience and unshakable commitment, our board, leadership and staff met the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, strengthening communities, delivering innovative solutions, and achieving industry‐leading outcomes for individuals with barriers to long term economic well-being.

We continued to replicate successful programs in new locations; utilize technology across practice areas to engage more people; measure and benchmark results; serve as a growth platform for like-minded organizations, and achieve efficiencies and economies of scale.

We launched Fedcap Canada, and continued to expand our offerings in the UK—delivering impactful, innovative workforce development solutions at a time of greatest need. We expanded our ability to monitor key performance indicators of economic well-being. We continued to provide educational services to every age group, vocational training in high-growth industries, behavioral health services, work readiness skill building and jobs — all targeted to helping people achieve long-term self-sufficiency.

Our remarkable frontline workers in our Total Facilities Management business deep-cleaned over 22 million square feet of office space–ensuring the ongoing operation and safety of key government agency partners. In the midst of a food security crisis, our heroic Food Arts Center staff created and delivered over 160,000 meals to the homeless and our school personnel distributed over 60 tons of food.

While meeting the challenges of the moment, The Fedcap Group continued to invest its time and resources in broader system change—working with government and private partners to improve the way services are designed, funded and delivered. We furthered our Five Bold Goals for systems change, to make a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve, and expanded our staff professional development efforts to ensure that our staff is second to none.

The innovative, entrepreneurial spirit of our founders is alive and well at The Fedcap Group. We are deeply indebted to you, our board members, donors and funders, who support our efforts every day.


Mark O’Donoghue, Chair
The Fedcap Group Board of Directors
Christine McMahon, President and CEO
The Fedcap Group