Partnership Supported by the Simons Foundation

New York, NY (February 9, 2024)— Civic Hall, a dynamic hub for innovation and education within New York City’s tech landscape, proudly announces its collaboration with Sound+Science, a groundbreaking initiative that explores the intersection of music and STEM education.


Located at Union Square in the state-of-the-art Zero Irving building, Civic Hall is an 85,000-square-foot training center, business incubator, and tech ecosystem with a mission to catalyze innovation, education, and collaboration, it serves as the nucleus for entrepreneurial growth, and educational innovations in NYC’s bustling tech community.


The Sound+Science program offers a transformative educational experience for young minds, harnessing the inherent connection between music and STEM disciplines. Divided into three distinct modules, the immersive programming provided by Sound+Science aims to impart a heightened understanding of STEM, particularly in physics and mathematics while fostering a vibrant community of collaborators and investigators that inspire one another.


“Through Civic Hall’s collaborative network, we are forging paths that harness technology for social impact and opportunities for barriered communities,” said Jim Malatras, Chief Strategy Officer & Senior VP for Education, The Fedcap Group—the parent organization of Civic Hall. “Thanks to Civic Hall Co-Founder’s Andrew Rasiej’s initial connection and the Simons Foundation for their incredible financial support, we are delighted to have Sound+Science’s innovative new program be an essential part of Civic Hall.”


Dr. Stephon H. Alexander, a renowned theoretical physicist specializing in cosmology, particle physics, and quantum gravity at Brown University, adapted Sound+Science from his book The Jazz of Physics and will lead the program as its Founder and CEO. The modules, including “The Hidden Codes in Electronic Music,” “Music Improvisation and the Evolution of Computation,” and “From Hip-Hop to AI,” ensure a comprehensive educational experience. Complementing the programming, Sound+Science will also present a speaker series focused on the intersection of music and science and featuring Sound+Science advisory board members Vin Rock from the legendary hip-hop group Naughty by Nature and Paul Miller, a conceptual artist known as DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid.  Sound+Science addresses challenges faced by underestimated youth in accessing STEM careers, incorporating diverse features to capture attention and engage these students.


“Growing up in the diverse cultural tapestry of New York City’s public schools ignited my fascination with the universal language of science,” said Sound+Science Founder and CEO Dr. Alexander. “At Sound+Science, we’re channeling that same vibrant energy to inspire the next wave of curious minds. Here, music isn’t just an art form; it’s a gateway to physics, coding, and mathematics. Our mission is to tune into the potential of every student, creating a symphony of minds ready to shape the future of science and building a harmonious community of exploration.”


Students will participate in Masterclass Lectures by industry experts, hands-on studio labs for practical application of knowledge, and peer mentoring connecting high school students with local college STEM majors for mutual growth. Incentive-based projects challenge participants to create real-world applications resonating with musicians, producers, and coders.


“The Simons Foundation is committed to the idea that science is part of culture, and is proud to support Sound+Science and their work to empower New York City’s brightest young minds. By increasing access to innovative science engagement, we’re working toward a brighter future for science and society,” said John Tracey, Program Director of Science, Society and Culture at the Simons Foundation.


Through this collaboration, Civic Hall and Sound+Science aim to create pathways for young students to access the vast opportunities offered by STEM education. The program, commencing in March 2024, is poised to break barriers and contribute to a more inclusive and innovative society. High school students, as well as their parents, teachers, and administrators can find more information and apply to the program at or contact Jeremy Snepar, Sound+Science’s Chief Operating Officer at



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