Creating Structure to Support Aspirational Design

The Fedcap Group is made up of an alliance of individual organizations, with a common mindset of aspirational innovation and vision—working to solve and not just serve problems. We are working to build an overarching organizational culture, strategy and structure that support this vision.  Innovation around creating aspirational outcomes that fundamentally improve outcomes doesn’t just happen. There needs to be a framework to test and refine discrete practices and measure impact, disrupting systems and distribution models.

This structure is manifested throughout every internal and external factor of our work. We ask ourselves essential questions. Whether we are on the front lines of service, or in the supportive roles of corporate services, we follow a critical thinking pathway that includes:

What problems do we want to solve?

What specific outcomes we want to improve?

What do we know about where in the service pathway outcomes might be impacted?

What kinds of precise interventions, intentionally sequenced might change the outcomes? 

How can we engage funders in partnering with us to test these innovations? 

Aligning our culture and our structure around aspirational innovation is a deliberate and intentional process. When we gather the leadership of The Fedcap Group, these are the important conversations that inspire and motivate us all.

How do you ensure that your culture, your strategies and your structure advance your macro, aspirational goals?

As always, I welcome your thoughts.