Hospitality Pathways Joins Civic Hall to Empower Marginalized Communities Through Innovation in the Retail Cannabis Industry

New York, NY (January 29, 2024) —Hospitality Pathways, a leading organization dedicated to providing in-demand job skills for members of marginalized communities, has joined Civic Hall. Hospitality Pathways offers training programs that lead to sustainable employment, livable wages, and future growth opportunities within the emerging retail cannabis industry.


As members, Hospitality Pathways will leverage Civic Hall’s ecosystem and incubator to drive innovation to strengthen its training and employment pathways for barriered communities. Hospitality Pathways goes beyond technical skills, offering extensive soft skills training in areas such as the culture of hospitality, professionalism, teamwork, prioritizing, time management, industry terminology, work ethic, and conflict resolution. Students are provided with a stipend, a weekly unlimited MetroCard, and daily meals. Hospitality Pathways collaborates with a robust network of employer partners to help connect graduates with jobs in the field.


“Our partnership with Hospitality Pathways demonstrates the power of Civic Hall—plugging in a  training provider into a diverse innovation and educational ecosystem broadens opportunities within emerging workforce sectors, with a specific focus on empowering historically marginalized communities,” said Seema Shah, Executive Director of Civic Hall.


Our collaboration with Civic Hall marks a strategic alliance that enables us to harness the vast innovation ecosystem they offer, unlocking the full potential of social equity within our rapidly evolving industry,” said Beatrice Stein, Founder and Program Director of Hospitality Pathways. “This partnership transcends rhetoric; it’s a commitment to tangible impact. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality training complemented by wraparound support for our students. As members of Civic Hall, we are poised to elevate our program to new heights.”



Civic Hall is a member of The Fedcap Group. Civic Hall’s mission is to support and enable best-in-class programs that help close the digital skills divide and plan for the needs of tomorrow’s workforce. Civic Hall will facilitate groundbreaking partnerships among high-impact tenants, civic and social innovators, workforce training partners, and NYC’s diverse employer ecosystem to work collectively to meet the educational and professional needs of all New Yorkers, especially those from communities too often left behind. For more information about membership opportunities, please visit



Hospitality Pathways is a pioneering organization dedicated to empowering members of marginalized communities by providing in-demand job skills and opportunities within the expanding retail cannabis industry. Through comprehensive training programs, we aim to bridge the gap and create a pathway to sustainable employment, livable wages, and future growth. Visit Hospitality Pathways for more information.


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